1. mene wordpress ki hai leking google chrome me jab browse karha hn tou error establishing a database connection ka error show horaha hai.

    2. @Sunny Rex There are many free software.
      Lets grow together by sharing feedback on the video so that we can improve

    3. Followed these Steps but i’m getting as Error establishing a database connection… Pls help me with it

  1. tried doing this on mac and it didn’t let me configure the log in info so I can’t login to the admin page help!

  2. Hi, I want to use wordpress on Mac but this doesn’t work.Can someone please share your ideas? Thank you❤

  3. thank you dear , but i have a problem when i install it, it’s working no problem but when i go to visit site something pop up to me says “This site can’t be reached”

  4. I’m getting this error “cannot calculate MAC address: Using fd 13 for I/O notifications
    hv_vm_create unknown error 0x00000004”

  5. Hello, can you please explain why after I installed it the way you showed, after I chose a free theme template from elementor my localhost/wordpress/ doesn’t load anymore?

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