This video revolves around the process of maintaining your oral health. This video describes: how to make informed oral health decisions, when to see your dentist, and some key management strategies that individuals can use to maintain their oral health at home. Additionally, this video highlights some Canadian population statistics regarding how oral health impacts Canadians financially. For additional information, links are provided in the description. These links provide information on financial relief options for Ontario residents and highlight specific oral health techniques (e.g., Brushing and Flossing). This video was made by the McMaster students Marut Patel and Vicky Verma in collaboration with Brush Dental and the McMaster Demystifying Medicine Program. Copyright McMaster University 2021 Links for Additional Information How to properly brush your teeth How to properly teeth your child to brush their teeth How to floss your teeth properly (ADA) Oral health for senior citizens Ontario Dental Grants QlwmjGFMHfSaCfIhamF5GCGUBTzkiHBLUNnIzV1MfZXSfgMPW-IaAvRLEALw_wcB Find a dentist near you! References: American Dental Association. (2020). What is Health Literacy in Dentistry? American Dental Association. (2009). Health Literacy in Dentistry Strategic Action Plan 2010-2015. Blinkhorn A. S. (1998). Dental health education: what lessons have we ignored?. British dental journal, 184(2), 58–59. CDHO. (2014). Review of Oral Health Services in Ontario Final Report Review of Oral Health Services in Ontario. College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario. Kickbusch, I.

S. (2001). Health literacy: addressing the health and education divide. Health Promotion International, 16(3), 289–297. Parthasarathy, D. S., McGrath, C. P., Bridges, S. M., Wong, H. M., Yiu, C. K., & Au, T. K. (2014). Efficacy of instruments measuring oral health literacy: a systematic review. Oral health & preventive dentistry, 12(3), 201–207. Sheiham, A., & Watt, R. G. (2000). The common risk factor approach: A rational basis for promoting oral health. Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, 28(6), 399–406. doi:10 Study links tooth decay and gum infections to ethnicity and country of origin. (2007). New York University.

9 Replies to “How To Maintain Your Oral Health”

  1. Such an amazing video. I love to watch all your video. They are super amazing and informative at the same time. Keep posting more!

  2. Thank you very much for educating us, I think we can shall may vphv understand the truth importance and value of gums teeth as immediate defence of any body and,
    I. Understand the components anatomy of mouth, teeth and gums,

    II. Understand the environmental influences like air pressure temperature hygiene or pollutants pathogens that attack our mouth,

    III. How balanced nutrition and fibrous food improves the health of mouth,

    IV. How water and Vegetable fruit juices aid our mouth and gums in nurturing their health and ease of breathing,

    V. Understand the functions of mouth, how bad or foul smell in mouth slowly affects our personality and supportive relations ease of living etc.,

    VI. How few daily rituals like drinking 1 or 2 liters of water early in the morning followed by fruit juices hatha yoga massage your gums with Sesame Oil or Coconut Oil and fruit pulps can shall may vphv remove waste toxins impurities from root levels……………………

    VII. Avoid harsh environments or take proper precautions if possible,

    VIII. Always keep in mind to keep your mouth healthy happy safety and ease……………………

    IX. How ears nose mouth and skin health affect our skin muscles blood energy and overall productivity and efficiency……………………

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