1. Do we just need to pay for hosting and domain? No other charges? Although domain is free for one year, we don’t have to pay any other single charges to build a website as you’ve shown?

  1. I am working on avada theme. I have published with dummy pages and I m editing those pages one by one. So will it effect when I launch my website and SEO?

  2. How to make YouTube videos just like you are making yours? Please make a YouTube video explaining this

  3. Can someboday will help me to know if I am choosing a basic plan for hosting like $2.95 from 3 year so amount will deduct on monthly basis or at a single time?

  4. Sir can u show us how to upload a webpage on your website as soon as possible as I need it tomorrow. If possible can u upload the video today. Plzzzzzzzzzz sir

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