The best way to make a website in the entire world! Have fun creating your own website in under 2 hours using WordPress, the most popular way in the world. The 3 step process is optimized for speed and success: 1. Setup, 2. Options, 3. Design. We will be working with the Astra theme (5 star ratings with 4,841 reviews ) and Elementor (5 star ratings with 5 million installations) to create the best website in the world. This video will show you that making a website can be fun and easy. Creating a website can change your life and we will do this all step by step with no step skipped. I hope you love this as much as I do! Download the example images: Timestamps: Intro – 00:00:00 1 – Setup Setup Overview – 00:05:02 Get Domain Name & Hosting – 00:08:42 Install WordPress – 00:17:28 Login – 00:21:10 2 – Options Delete Plugins – 00:22:15 Change Password – 00:24:25 Update WordPress – 00:25:23 Update Permalinks – 00:25:24 Search Engine Ready – 00:26:32 Install Theme – 00:27:04 Install Template – 00:29:04 Backup Website – 00:36:06 Change Website Name – 00:38:24 Create a New Page – 00:40:19 Transparent Menu – 00:43:04 Add Menu Item – 00:43:36 Delete Page – 00:44:33 Add Blog Post – 00:45:07 Set Blog To Homepage – 00:48:12 Create Blog Page – 00:49:48 Delete Blog Post – 00:51:34 Live Chat – 00:52:04 Google Analytics – 00:55:35 3 – Design Homepage – 01:00:33 Mobile Friendly – 01:17:42 About Page – 01:21:25 Services Page – 01:26:09 Projects Page – 01:29:12 Contact Page – 01:31:20 Contact Form – 01:35:08 Menu Navigation Button – 01:40:47 Create Logo / Favicon – 01:43:30 Insert Logo / Favicon – 01:47:20 Design Blog Post – 01:49:11 Design Blog Page – 01:53:14 Footer – 01:54:18 Logout – 01:57:13 Congratulations!! –ย  01:57:42 Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

32 Replies to “How To Make a WordPress Website – Step by Step”

  1. 43:23 Transparent Header is now located in a new Astra tab to the right of your gear button, look to the right and there will be an Astra logo, it will open the same settings that our narrator/teacher had.

    1. @VideoEditingPro Astra logo, scroll total down, advanced settings. Down you can find Transparent header — inherit, enabled, disabled…So enable

  2. I have only watched the 5 minute intro so far but I can already tell this will be super valuable. Thanks in advance!

  3. Absolutely amazing tutorial. Tyler, you are just TOO GOOD. Simply wonderful content and presentation. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  4. Hello base on the teaching when I add gallery page to menu it doesnโ€™t appear at the top but at the bottom down the page pls what can I do? I think am missing something.

    1. You might have two different menus created. One for header and one for footer and you are adding Gallery to the footer menu instead of the header menu.

      Make sure to select the correct menu from the dropdown to add the item to the header menu.

      This could help:

  5. Now, 7 Sep 2022, Starter Templates wants a minimum of $137. annually/ $677. lifetime use to download that Sierra Nature website used in the example. It comes up under Free search, but they won’t let you download it without paying.

    Bummer . I was hoping to follow along.

    1. No this is the free version. This is all you need you donโ€™t need to upgrade.

      You might be using

  6. Backup created using all in one plugin is not downloading. Its getting stuck at 9.6 mb and simply restarts download again and again at that point and fails after few attempts. Not sure, what to do next

  7. I’ve learned everything that i needed to know in 2 hours while i’ve spent 4 months trying to figure out this whole process. You are a savior man. The best of it all it just keeps me interested more and more. Outstanding!!!

    1. If you’re using then you will need to upgrade otherwise if you use any other hosting like Hostgator you can access all the plugins.

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