Do you want to start work with me for any wordpress project? Contact me – In this tutorial I will show you how to create an ecommerce website using WordPress and Elementor for FREE. This is a step by step and complete tutorial for beginners. Here I have used a FREE theme Phlox Theme and Some FREE plugins like Woocommerce, Elementor etc. ✅ Get Domain & Webhosting(60% off): ✅ Check Phlox Theme: ✅ Get Elementor Pro: ✅ Images I used in this tutorial: ✅ Hire professional Logo designer from Fiverr: ✅ Get DIVI theme: Related Tutorial Create Mega Menu – Overview with Timestamps: 00:00​​ Overview of the tutorial 02:40​ Main steps 03:20 Getting Domain and Hosting 12:46 Install WordPress 14:55 Cleaning up WordPress Dashboard 17:47 Install Theme 18:48 Import Templates with all necessary plugins Upload Products 22:33 Upload Products 22:40 Simple Product 28:38 Change Currency 30:25 Variable Product 36:15 Virtual Product 38:10 Downloable Product 42:32 Grouped Product 44:45 Upsell & Cross Sell 46:20 Add Product Reviews 47:45 Customize Header 48:45 Create Logo For FREE 59:11 Set global style (Color, Fonts etc) 1:01:25 Customize Footer 1:02:17 Configure Subscription form Customize Pages 1:08:25 Customize Homepage 1:15:20 Create Blog Post 1:18:04 Create New Custom Section 1:23:08 Customize Shop Page 1:26:35 Customize About Us Page 1:27:48 Customize Blog Page 1:28:43 Customize Contact Us Page 1:34:46 Create New Page 1:37:07 Add Page to Menu 1:39:37 Setup Payments Method 1:45:30 Shipping Method 1:53:05 Manage Orders 1:56:58 Setup Coupon Codes 2:05:33 Setup login/My Account Page 2:09:45 Customize Checkout Page Social: Facebook Group :

24 Replies to “How to make an ecommerce website using WordPress and Elementor FREE | Step by step for beginners”

  1. Dear Farjana , your tutorials very clear , very understadable & complete .. Can you make a video about Changing the existing theme ,,, Thank you …

  2. Wow your tutorials are amazing ma’am I want you to be my mentor please 🙏.: I promise to be a good student..

  3. Great tutorial, you are really good 👍 Thank you. Please I need your help and urgent response.
    In customized ‘Contact us’ form, I tried I tried to add a new feed (Name) from the dashboard but couldn’t.
    After filling out the form tag generator ( i.e field type, name, default value and I checked the ” use this text as the placeholder of the field”), It couldn’t insert tag. The ‘name’ on the ‘contact us’ form couldn’t be generated.
    What can I do? Your prompt response would be greatly appreciated.
    Note; I edited ( contact – form – id = “79”= untitled “).

  4. apu apnar website er favicon ta change koren..
    ar sticky menur logo ta change koren..
    noito scroll korle apnar logo ta dekha jai na…

  5. How to add more product instead of 1 by 1 to the cart? Please tell me the procedure how can I add more to the cart?

  6. AsSallamu Alaykum sister, thank you so much for putting yourself out to do this amazing work, it’s truly wonderful. jazakiLlah khairan. I couldn’t receive the download link of the images you used, if you could do another laudable help with that.

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