If you have Vodafone Pro broadband, this video will show you how to set up your WiFi Booster and Broadband Back-up dongle. For more help, visit: https://support.vodafone.co.uk/Broadband/Pro-Broadband/1627646352/How-do-I-set-up-my-Vodafone-Pro-Broadband.htm

23 Replies to “How to set up your Vodafone Pro Broadband | Support | Vodafone UK”

  1. i have updated my mobile app but can’t still see the option to instal the Super Wifi boost. Any suggestions?

    1. Same thing here. Multiple Android devices & two iPhones. The setup is a shambles. Can’t even do it through the router login

    2. @essex0chris I solved it. Calle the Xperts as its something they have to fix in order to solve it. Nothing you can do on your end unfortunately. Wasted 2 hours tripping about it before calling

  2. I have the superwifi hub, but can’t get alexa to connect. Any ideas or guidance. I have downloaded the alexa app

    1. Nothing wrong with vodafone. Just go to ur vodafone and enable the voice asstant and you are good to go

  3. Thank you for making these videos
    By the time mine had arrived
    I didn’t need to look at the instructions
    I took it straight out of the box
    And Set it up straight away with no problems

  4. How do you switch-off the WPS button to stop guests automatically connecting to your wifi?

  5. I wish I’d never got Vodafone broadband I’ve got another 12 months to go, it’s shite don’t get it.

    1. @Matthew it’s fuckin awful man, it keeps disconnecting all the time plus it can be slow when downloading and browsing

    1. I had the same problem, but after resetting the modem it’s working now. The modem did an update what can take a while and the lights will flash Red during that time.

  6. Here’s the real criminals , what a bunch of piss takers , how comes these people don’t get locked up .

  7. Hello, my phone is being illegally accessed via your network which is not mine. I’ve been in store they would NOT assist actually lied. It’s being accessed via vodaphone WiFi and it cannot be deleted they are controlling my phone, emails etc, and bombarding me with interfering messages saying I need to delete for storage, I cannot add apps etc and there is plenty of room but no way to use it because of their control. What CAN you do vodaphone.

  8. Never ever go with Vodafone, they let people hack your phone have more control over it than you. They allowed my private info that God guided me to save for a court case be deleted and in store would not sort any of it out….Asda waste of space as a whatever they are in connection to it. Harvesters.

  9. Worlds worst customer service! Worlds worse customer service Worlds worst customer service! Worlds worse customer service!

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