Exactly how to Shop for Health Insurance Open up registration for the government health and wellness insurance policy industry starts November 1, 2015. The Pennsylvania Insurance Department is below to assist you browse the purchasing procedure and also pick a strategy that’s right for you. For more details on exactly how to acquire medical insurance, go to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department internet site → http://www.insurance.pa.gov

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  1. No thank you! Since I have taken my own health into my own hands and not the hands of those who do not have my best interest at heart, I am all the more healthier and alive because of this. Doctors and Big Pharma are married. I do not intend to pay for something I will not use. Please do not trust authority as truth. And if you eat from their table you will get sick. Say no to GMO.

  2. I’ll be getting fined for not being able to afford insurance after paying my taxes for you guys to have insurance SMH America :/

  3. I can’t understand why japan..canada..England..germany..Taiwan..got better health care…please!

    1. they have cheaper health care but bad quality and long wait times canada for exmaple has 9 hour wait average

  4. Insurance is too complicated for 99.9% of Americans to properly choose a plan. Something needs to be done about that. There’s insurance specialist that can’t even help you properly choose a plan. It’s insurance because it’s suppose to cover unexpected life events yet they include a lot of exclusions for procedures and don’t cover a lot of meds your doctor may think you need but it doesn’t matter cause the insurance company is allowed to control your healthcare. With the cost of meds and some procedures it’s not entirely the insurance companies fault. There’s too much profit and too many lawsuits allowed in the medical field. Something needs to be done to lower costs and leave most control of the healthcare in the hands of the doctor and patient. If a doctor can’t tell me what I need over the phone and on the internet them neither can the health insurance company. These policies are too vague. If you want a coinsurance for medicine then it should apply to all medicine not hidden junk in there that oh you need an expensive one to live now with a sorry we only cover enough of that you can’t afford it. It’s insurance. You lose some you gain some. You can’t change the definition of insurance to make billions as that’s ridiculous and requires a need for the government to step in and wipe all med insurance from the country and have a single unified simplified non profit company for all Americans I think. One that covers all costs above a deductable based on your income. Sure limit to generic meds that are the same but cheaper. But these plans with 5 tiers? Heck nobody knows what’s coming up and if they feel like they won’t be covered enough for the unexpected how can you expect the young and healthy to contribute? There’s deductables that are over half a person’s income. And why is everything based on a person’s gross income? That’s not what we make sorry… If you don’t see it you didn’t make it. This country is really going down hill. Something needs to change. They get rich without providing proper care. Why? I can take care of my own common Cold. I don’t need insurance for the basic stuff that’s unnecessarily driving costs up everywhere. Treat what’s important.

  5. A lot of people with serious symptoms get ignored and rushed out without an appropriate evaluation because the next person in line is there with a kid with a cold and a low temp that’ll treat itself has insurance and they’ll make the same money to do nothing as they would to do something.

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