Upgraded Video below: https://youtu.be/oUpnB2DjZeQ Dr. Nejad demonstrates how to appropriately preserve and also make use of custom-made lightening trays at your residence. Custom-made lightening trays put on over night utilizing 10% cabamide has actually revealed to be the most safe as well as most reliable teeth bleaching. Find out more concerning reliable & risk-free teeth bleaching below: http://www.beverlyhillsladentist.com/blog/safe-effective-teeth-whitening/

16 Replies to “Exactly how to keep as well as make use of personalized teet…”

  1. Too easy and like everyone else comments 🤩

    Straight to the point with a visual 😍

    Thank you 💖💖

  2. Got given my two days ago and not shown how kuch to actually put, turns out I’ve been putting loads 😂

  3. My dentist only gave me a top try and told me to come back in two weeks, do you think I’ll get the bottom tray then? Is this normal? They made me a bottom tray but I didn’t see it

  4. Does anyone else feel like their custom trays are a little too big? Is it suppose to feel that way? Like, I feel that if I open my mouth too much the thing is going to sag/slide and thus not distribute the bleach optimally. Also, my mouth waters like crazy with this thing in – is that normal?
    And thanks for the video!

    1. Late reply so you probably have your answers already. I only got my whitening set yesterday so thought i’d comment after my dentist appointment. Your custom tray should fit perfectly and should not move unless you apply ample pressure pulling to remove it.

      Yes the mouth-watering like crazy is apparently normal due to a foreign object being in the mouth and Soliva mixing with the chemical, but its perfectly safe to swallow – according to my dentist.

  5. My hand was shaking so much that I could hardly see if anything was going in the tray. I will probably have it in for the requested time, only to realise that didly-squat had actually come out of the bloody syringe! I was told just a tiny drop of fluid and not to overfill the mouth guard,

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