Team Quadrant: Challenging a current F1 driver to a karting 1v1! Racing against Lando Norris in a kart race is pretty cool experience it must be said. Hope you enjoy and of course do have a look at the Quadrant YT page as well. =) Track: Whilton Mill Karts: Senior X30 Intro song By Krait Haywire: Follow & Contact me here: ➡️️ Channel Membership ➡️️ Twitter ➡️️ Instagram ➡️️ Twitch ➡️️ Tik Tok ➡️️ Email (Business): [email protected] MY SETUP & EQUIPMENT ➡️️ Fanatec DD1 for PS4 ➡️️ Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 Rim ➡️️ Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals ➡️️ Fanatec Clubsport Shifter ➡️️ Fanatec Clubsport Handbrake ➡️️ Sim Lab P1 Frame ➡️️ Sim Lab Triple Monitor Mount ➡️️ Sim Lab Quad Monitor Mount MY CLIPS CHANNEL ➡️️ Super GT Clips My MERCH! ➡️️ Heel Tread Socks: FAQ ➡️️ OTHER LINKS ➡️️ Second Channel: ➡️️ Intro/Outro Song: #Karting #LandoNorris #Quadrant

20 Replies to “I Challenged Lando Norris to a 1v1 Kart Race”

  1. Been watching you for years even though I don’t do much sim racing anymore. I’ve enjoyed your past karting videos as well and did a double take when I saw this video title. So excited that you got to have this experience! Couldn’t have been granted to a better driver. Your dedication to the sport and your sportsmanship you show to random lobby racers really pays off when you get the opportunity to race someone of this caliber in real life.

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