How many WordPress plugins are too many? Do WordPress plugins slow down your website? In this video I install over 150 of the best free WordPress plugins and measure google page speed, technical errors and whether the website crashes. 👉 Sign up for my newsletter 👉 Contact me at: [email protected] 👉 My Free Gutenberg Tutorials 👉 My Gutenberg WordPress plugins, including WooBuilder Blocks 🔥 👉 Test out Full Site Editing and our WooCommerce Gutenberg Plugins, pre-installed 👉 Join my WordPress club (and help support this channel) Timeline 0:00 – Intro 0:10 – The WordPress plugin experiment 1:00 – Google page insights tool 1:20 – 10 WordPress plugins installed 1:52 – 20 WordPress plugins installed 2:25 – 30 WordPress plugins installed 2:52 – 40 WordPress plugins installed 3:40 – 50 WordPress plugins installed 4:37 – 60 WordPress plugins installed 5:30 – 70 WordPress plugins installed 6:00 – 80 WordPress plugins installed 6:25 – 90 WordPress plugins installed 6:40 – 100 WordPress plugins installed 7:30 – 120 WordPress plugins installed 8:30 – 140 WordPress plugins installed 8:50 – 160 WordPress plugins installed

20 Replies to “I Installed 150 WordPress Plugins on a Website… and this is What Happened”

  1. This was a fun experiment. And to think, I am generally resistant to wanting to add plugins, but I have not gotten anywhere near having quite so many running.

  2. 160 plugins that you… CRASH!!! Oops! 159 plugins that you absolutely need on your website! lol

    Of course, just one poorly coded plugin could decrease the speed and scores drastically. It would be interesting to see how many properly designed plugins could be installed that don’t overload tons of unnecessary CSS and Javascript on every page.

    By the way, before you ended your mad scientist Frankenplugin experiment, how many of those 160 plugins requested updates? lol

  3. I have 230 on one site but it is multisite and not all plugins are active on all sites – just different sets of plugins about 70 per site…

  4. We took over a site created by another developer. It had 47 active plugins, and over 20 inactive. I wondered at the time “how many would it take to crash WP?” Now I know – thanks Jamie! 😀

  5. Bro….I’m just here for the cat at the end….well, yes and the interesting experiment lol

  6. Interesting… and a bit silly towards the end. Now how about taking it further from here: is it helpful to deactivate plugins? And those findings regarding the caching plugins? What is a good basic installment to compensate for those «too many» plugins? I e.g. use ShortPixel for optimizing images, WP Fastest Cache for caching and WP Optimize to optimize tables. Are Jet Boost and those Nitro things any good? Or do they harm the quality of the images etc? Your experienced opinion would be greatly valued. Thanks again!

  7. The video was good at understanding the number of plugins that can be installed on a WordPress website. Thanks for sharing Jamie.

  8. sou novo nisso, se conseguirem me ajudar com o Gutenberg, não aparece a opção para adicionar blocos, já fui nas configurações mudei para deixar o usuario escolher o editor, e ainda sim não vai

  9. I was looking thru your videos and didn’t find anything on SSL certificates, I used a plugin to do it, but when I ran a test on semrush it says my url is redirected. I’m not sure how to correct that without breaking anything.

  10. This site has “Run down aisle and joined the choir in the Vestibule. This site is passed on! This site is no more!”
    Aw but Jamie, it could just be pining for the fjords!
    I love this experiment. I wish that it would have broken sooner. It would be a great reality check for some saleey type.
    Great content.

    1. @Jamie Marsland I am terrible about that. Everything triggers something from that brilliant troop of insane people! I find myself completing thoughts like that. My wife says that I am well beyond “too far gone”. ;~)

  11. It is not the quantity of plugins that will break the WordPress installation……it’s the quality of the plugins. ONE crappy coded plugin can destroy your site.

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