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22 Replies to “I Stopped Budgeting After Learning This | Financial Minimalism”

    1. Enjoy your money! Must be nice being able to look in the mirror and be proud of yourself…

  1. i think some people may use budgets the wrong way. i have been using a budget for a very long time and it works great for my needs.

    the important thing is, before you even make a budget, you have to do research – both on the things you buy and its alternatives. how much money do you spend on food for instance? you may realize that you spend 500 usd a month on food. in some places, food are so expensive there is little you can do. in other cases, just replacing one of the main dishes with something else you like can half the food expense.

    i dont see budgets as a schedule of how you are supposed to spend money. a budget is supposed to model your spendings so that you are aware of how much money is left over and how much you can save for the future. if you never do a budget, then you wont know how much money you spend. you may not know that that pizza you buy everyday in the cafeteria accounts for over 20 percent of all your food spendings. its also more easy to motivate your self during temptations to go over the budget, because you will think :if i buy this pizza and it becomes a daily habit, my food spending will amount to 500 usd a month instead of 300 usd a month. is that a reasonable increase of spendings just for that pizza?. that way when i worked in latvia i could save over 50 percent of my income and i wouldnt enter the trap of letting the expenses eat up the whole salary.

  2. Good video I put money aside for household expenses first and careful with the rest thrift shopping is good new clothes with shop tags still on them and then I look at clothes that have been worn but still in very good condition I buy new underwear at the sales tho also food that marked down reduced and on special

  3. I 100% agree with you regarding the mindset, I technically have the financial savvy but I’m practice it’s poor I’m looking to do a no spend month just to rewire my brain towards money

  4. I not only don’t budget, I avoid spending money in stuff. If you are frugal and minimalist for sure you don’t need a budget. 🙂

  5. I have been on a no budget most of my life. I am way better at it now because now I added spend as little as possible. So basically I am always repurposing, reusing and figuring out ways to meet my needs without spending.My current goal is to deal with my medical issues and save for retirement.

  6. when you make the analogy and say budgeting is like a diet or like a gym you basically say it is a good thing for you and you should do it…

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