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18 Replies to “IKEA’s Secret High End Furniture”

    1. Your design knowledge is magnificent but in real life the IKEA versions don’t compare. MDF is the worst! It looks and feels cheap. Throw-away furniture. I wish IKEA would really make high-end versions of their furniture with real solid hardwood. Charge more money and plant a tree for every piece of furniture sold.

  1. I’m actually pretty bummed about this, they used to sell much more comfortable furniture, now it’s all designery. I don’t care about a modern look, I want my butt to feel like it’s floating on a cloud.

  2. 4:35 Plant people, what’s that hanging plant on the far left? Thought it was a string of hearts, but it looks like some sort of dischidia?

  3. Compare high end sofa with IKEA is the same as compare Rolex watch by a cheap brand like Seiko. What do u want to have in your living room?

  4. I agree with the light situation.
    We just moved in our new home and it’s so hard to find modern but affordable light that does not look totaly generic here in Europe.

  5. What I learned from this video is that designers find a way to create an overpriced version of everything. What I mean by this, is that the price tag on those designer items is absolutely ridiculous, and these designer furniture are very obviously designed and sold for pretentious upper middle class and the top 1% who can be milked by the word “designer” and some fancy furniture designer names attached. Good on Ikea for copying them and putting a reasonable price tag on these.

  6. You mention that IKEA’s selection of lighting is one of their weakest areas. Is there another retailer you’d recommend looking at for lighting?

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