1. Do you still do 12 hour light, 12 hour drak to start budding with led lights even if you have bloom and veg setting ??

  2. Do you always keep your lights that far away even in veg? Is it better to keep the light lower with lower wattage or farther with higher wattage?

  3. Another great video,a new one for me,what a treat of yhis morning.. thanks,Matt for being my “good morning,Finland”🇫🇮

    1. Congrats🥳 you have been selected among our shortlisted winners from our Ongoing giveaway, Contact the number above to claim your prize☑️⬆️▫️

  4. What are you running the day and night temps at mate?
    And if anyone seeing this whqt canopy temps do you run day and night?

  5. Just seeing this after 4 years bro. Been following you for about that long. Opened up the tube and thought this was new! Hope all is well

  6. If you did grows with stuff other people can get it would get more views coz me watching these do nothing if I can not get the light or nutritions in my country

  7. I have a strain that has purple leafs at the top but the exact same satin doesn’t, must be the pheno I thought it was a deficiency

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