Have you ever wondered what the process is like to use Invisalign to fix an Overbite? Some people think that it might be this painful long process.. BUT the truth is, it’s actually quite simple when done right! In this video Dr. Ty from Premier Orthodontics breaks down & walks you through the entire process step-by-step of an actual patient getting her Overbite treated with Invisalign at our office. To learn more about Invisalign & Braces or to get started, check out the following articles on our website: The Complete Guide To Invisalign:

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21 Replies to “Invisalign Overbite Treatment! [BEFORE & AFTER]”

  1. Hi I want to correct my overbite but I have straight teeth with no gaps or spaces, is it possible to do without messing up my teetg

  2. I am 46 with 12mm overjet that has bothered me my whole life. Never had braces. Finally doing it and I have a great orthodontist, who came up with a plan that includes two surgeries.
    First the leforte 1 with palate expander because my palate is extremely narrow.
    The orthodontist works with a surgeon for that and I saw that surgeon and felt pretty good about it.
    It’s a fairly major surgery and I decided to talk to a second surgeon. 2nd surgeon says absolutely not…..he would not perform this surgery on someone my age/periodontal history. Insufficient health benefit for the risk. I have been to periodontist, had 4 flapping surgeries over 5 years of time, with bone grafts and stable periodontal.

    Is surgeon #2 right? Should I avoid this surgery? And if I do, can I still get a substantial improvement on 12mm overjet by extractions and braces instead?
    Hollywood isn’t calling any time soon, so I don’t need perfection. And saving money is never a bad thing.
    Am I overly scared now of the surgery?
    Is surgeon #1 just glad to have my business or is surgeon #2 just overly cautious? How can I tell?

    This stuff is why every single child who needs ortho should get it. It costs so little to get a great correction when you’re a child compared to all the money and all the risk if you wait until you can afford it as an an adult.

    Sorry if that was a lot for a YouTube video.
    Thanks for the great content. It has been enlightening!

  3. would a treatment plan such as this one correct convex facial profile in an adult patient or disguise a upper jaw that protrudes

    1. Invisalign treatment can move the teeth. The lips will follow the teeth and you may see some profile improvement. If you are hoping for a more pronounced profile improvement jaw surgery may be the better option where the actual jaws can be moved rather than just the teeth.

  4. Amazing! Please clarify for this lady in particular, Did her results take 14 months or 19 weeks? Thanks!!!

  5. How many months this lady teeth takes to adjust
    Because I have same overbite condition???????

    1. Great question! The treatment is not painful, it can be uncomfortable at the start of each new tray, but your teeth will adapt! 🙂

  6. Hello, thanks for your video. Your treatment plan works amazingly!I have received orthodontic treatment to correct my over crowded teeth but my orthodontist suggested not to extract teeth. Now I got flared teeth after more than 2 years’ braces. It’s even hard for me to relax my mouth. Is it feasible to fix this by Invisalign? Thanks!

  7. Great video. Is it possible to do more than 1mm filing on the teeth (specifically the teeth behind the canine teeth)?
    I’ve got a 9mm overbite

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