American bullion coins are selling at a much greater premium than the same weight and purty bullion coinage from other nations. An ounce of 9999 gold has the same (bullion value) regardless of what Nation struck the coin. Gold is gold to a stacker, so why pay a steep premium to stack an American Gold Eagle or Buffalo?

In this video I explore stacking a 9999 Bullion coin that can be purchased for half the premium of the Buffalo. Stay to the end of the video to see a blooper thanks to my friend, Oliver the cat! Please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section and as always, thank you so much for watching!

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  1. Gold eagles are .9167 pure, not 999. I agree with adding other gold. I like the Perth Mint and Royal Mint products better than US Mint coins anyway.

    1. Yes, I go into better detail on that in past videos. It’s easy to get confused with the AGE because it weighs more than an ounce can contains copper and silver. The straight pure gold bullion coins like the Buffalo or the Britannia are much easier for many to understand. The US Mint has a lot of catching up to do as compared to Perth and RM.

    1. I respect your point of view Wild One! I’d be right there with you but not at the premiums on the US bullion right now. Keep on stacking up that gold- U.S. or otherwise.

    2. @Silver Struck premiums are through the roof. I believe that’s because the mint is no longer making 2022 gold eagles for this year. I’m under the impression that they have contacted dealers to see what they need till the end of the year and those dealers can’t get what they requested. Most are only getting half there order. A good topic for your next video maybe?

    3. Good points. I’m not dialed into the US Mint as much as channels like Silver Wolverine. That topic is right up his alley. I’m just a stacker and collector. You know- when the US Mint opened up enrollments for 2023 Morgan/Peace silver coins last month it raised an eyebrow…those coins won’t be struck for a year or more. To your point- the Mint has been acting odd with supply at last few years.

  2. One thing I’ve always hated about the American Gold Eagle line is how the face value of the 1/4 ozt coin is less than 1/4 of the face value of the full 1 ozt coin. The US Mint should have either stuck to the $20-$10-$5-$2.5 face value scheme of the traditional constitutional Gold Eagle coinage (perhaps substituting a $2 gold coin for the traditional $2.5 face value slot, allowing the minting of proportional 1/10 ozt coins), or it should have gone for a $100-$50-$25-$10 face value scheme. The $50-$25-$10-$5 scheme that it did eventually go for in the AGE line just seems silly and amateurish. I know of course that the coins are valued by their gold content and not their face value, but there’s simply no good reason why the proportions of the face values shouldn’t match the proportions of the gold content throughout the series.

    It’s one of the reasons why I’ll always be a Krugerrand guy. No face value, but the coins are still legal tender by law (South African law, that is) at the spot price of gold. At least the Krugerrand doesn’t pretend to be something that it’s not. Also, the fact that Krugerrand premiums are almost always the most reasonable of any major bullion coin doesn’t hurt either, although I wish that the fractional Krugerrands (especially the 1/4ozt version) were as well priced as the beautifully liquid 1ozt Krugs.

    1. You are clearly an experienced stacker. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed comment, I do very much appreciate that. I understand for a coin to be legal currency backed by a sovereign Nation, the coin must have a face value. Wouldn’t the Krugerrand technically be a gold round?….just an interesting question, not trying to upset you in any way. The Krugerrand is the first bullion “coin” of it’s kind and a true classic. I do not see the point to a face value for modern gold bullion anyway, we all know the coin is traded on the market price of gold. At the moment I prefer the 4 nines pure Britannia as you know. I think it will be a hard coin for the scammers to fake and i like the design of course. Again- thank you for the comments. I enjoy talking with everyone in the comment section very much.- SS

  3. Buddy, I think it’s time that someone break the news to you that the American Gold Eagle is 22kt, i.e. 0.9167 pure, not “three nines” (0.999) pure. I prefer 22kt, so I don’t see this as a problem, but it is a problem for a stacker and YouTube to not know what he’s stacking and showcasing.

    1. HI Sammy, I have been so schooled many times, just scroll the comment section good sir and you will see. I did know this information but misspoke in this video. I have a comparison video with the AGE and Buffalo I did awhile back that will show that. My apologies for the mistake.

  4. Good deal. About 4% right? The RM charges about 7% ffs! That is the cheapest in UK as far as I know for the current years coins 🙁

    1. There a couple of gold bullion coins you can find close in price to the Britannia. That said, I think the Britannia is the best value considering the purity and security features!

  5. American Gold Eagle Specifications:
    91.67% gold
    3% silver
    5.33% Copper
    Weight: 33.931
    Diameter: 32.70
    22-karat gold

  6. You are a beast my friend as we always say wow look at that gold 🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️ and thank you for that education 🕺

    1. Very kind of you to say Silver Fanatic, thank you! Just trying to make the right decisions for my gold stack and make sure I have saved wealth for my family in the future years to come. Thank you for the support!

    1. I intend to hold a lot of my gold for a long time or just pass it down to family. Just incase something changes, I do like to make sure my gold is as liquid as possible.

  7. Hello, what do you consider a lower premium bullion fold coins?

    Aren’t all 1oz gold coins the same price? If not, where is the difference? I want to accumulate again.

    1. Not all bullion coins cost the same to buy but many cost the same to sell. You have to do your own research but a quick example is this found on JM Bullion today:
      one ounce random year AGE: 1,911.07 each
      one ounce Britannia: 1,815.94

      It’s an extra 95.13 per coin to buy the AGE for the same ounce of gold- high premium

    2. @Silver Struck I understand. American Eagle coins cost more than other countries minted coins of the same metal and weight? Gotcha you.

      I like the Austrian Philharmonic, whose premium cost probably will be lower than American Eagle.

      Thank you – for that tidbit.

    3. @robwin007 the Austrian Philharmonic is a great choice and your correct, lower premium vs some other bullion coins. Happy stacking!

  8. I have become a fan of 20 franc coins. I like their designs and the historical aspect of then, and they have a lower premium than American Eagles.

    1. I haven’t stacked any foreign gold myself. I’ve heard the Franc’s and the Sovereigns can be purchased for way less of a premium verse the AGE and others. Any gold for less of a premium is good to me! The only concern I would have is liquidity. Every market is different, so if those 20 Francs are easy to convert back into cash if need- stack em’ up!

  9. Good discussion and right on the mark. This week I bought a Royal Mint 1/4 oz Tudor Beast gold coin for $30 less than the best price I could find on an AGE.

    1. Hopefully things change and US gold becomes more competitive. It’s frustrating for stackers and collectors to pay a premium over the regular premium for US PM’s. Thanks for watching Hound!

  10. I stack whatever I can get a deal on (Sovereigns, Maple, Eagles, or Britannias) I found some great deals on Sovs at the bottom of the dip and jumped on a bunch of them. Gold is at a good price still – I hope it remains through Black Friday and after that – I’d love to see 1800-1900+ again. I believe in waiting for opportunity to present itself, because we can save a lot on these coins if we have patience. Sounds like you scored on this dip!

    1. Still looking to pick up some more gold this Fall but waiting to see how low gold dips. I’ve never stacked the Sovereigns myself but enjoy looking at the coin. Stack the dip!

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