Peter Vaughan road tests a fully electric campervan that you can charge on a campsite. Everything is electric, even the cooking, heating and pop-top. If you would like to see more videos like this you can help and support us by giving us a thumbs up, leaving a comment or subscribing to our channel. ◼️ REVIEWED BY: Peter Vaughan, Group Motorhome Road Test Editor for MMM magazine and What Motorhome magazine Editor. Peter has been writing about motorhomes since the age of 14, has a love of touring France and is mad about old Italian sports cars. ◼️ ANY QUESTIONS?

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27 Replies to “Is this the first credible electric campervan?”

    1. Did you watch the video? Actually, I beat Vauxhall’s claim of 184 miles. If you read the full review in MMM magazine, then I did even better later on – up to 240 miles range with careful driving.

  1. The proof of the pudding is when you are wondering what the price is. This van does make one think again about what can be achieved. It is really good.
    My dream camper van does have integrated power, the same battery for everything rather than a leisure battery. Reason being that you then have options. You can drive further or you can cook. Integrated cooling for the fridge/freezer and main AC would be good too.
    The Raymond Briggs book where Father Christmas goes to Las Vegas in his own camper van is my inspiration. I have had the dream to have a van like his since I was nine.

    1. With this Wheelhome you can even use the leisure battery as a reserve for powering the vehicle – like a spare can of diesel!

  2. EV’s could be the death of both touring caravans and motor homes. Ever since the latest drive towards going all electric within the next ten years was announced , we’ve noticed a decline in the number of touring camp sites. At least 2 in our local area have removed their touring pitches and replaced them with static vans, all crammed in 6 meters apart! There seems to be a technical catch 22 between the necessary power and weight of batteries needed to pull the vehicles. Electric cars are typically much heavier than their internal combustion engine counterparts. When this is applied to motor homes it becomes more of a critical issue, and is bound to significantly reduce payloads. People talk about hydrogen cell technology, but the infrastructure just isn’t there. Let’s face it, the infrastructure for electrical charging points for electric cars is years away from being adequate! Maybe there will be a market for refurbishing used motor homes over the next few years?

    1. Wellhouse have done a conversion of the Toyota (electric) version and I believe Cambee are doing a conversion of the Vauxhall e-Vivaro

  3. I have it’s bigger brother the e-expert crew cab van with a larger 75kwh battery. Range is 200 miles (plus about 30miles if driven very carefully) perfect for camper van.

    1. I believe Wellhouse have converted the Toyota version of your (electric) van and Cambee are doing the Vauxhall version, I think.

    1. Maybe you didn’t watch all the video but, actually, Stephen Wheeler of Wheelhome took one of these campers to on a 2,000-mile trip to the Shetlands

    1. Not as a campervan but Wheelhome admits that going electric pushes the price up by around £10k. You should get some of that back in lower running costs.

  4. We want one (with a few additions to make it perfect for us). Going to the NEC and hoping to check one out. We sold our diesel camper last year and miss having a day van/van for cycling events.

    1. You won’t see the Wheelhome at the NEC, so I recommend a call to the company to arrange a visit to its base in Essex

    1. Sorry but there is no electric VW campervan on the market yet. The ID Buzz is just a people-carrier. We’re told there will be a California camper version but that looks like being at least two years away. As for a coachbuilt motorhome that’s a practical EV, that’s even further off…

    1. Err, no. I spent two nights camping with no issues and Wheelhome’s proprietor has spent two weeks camping in it on a trip to Scotland with no issues at all.

  5. This looks nice.
    However, I would like to take my bike with me and go for rides from where I am camping.
    I know you can get external bike racks but I like to keep my bike inside so would need something with a little more space.
    Something like a Romahome or Nu Venture with a rear door not side door for ease of loading the bike.
    Both of these have space to have the bike inside and sleep at the same time.

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