John Stamos reflects on ‘Full House’s 35-year anniversary while speaking with ET’s Will Marfuggi at the D23 Expo. Stamos explains how the show changed the landscape of television, and reflects on his close bond with the cast. He tells a story about the unexpected way Bob Saget’s presence was felt at Jodie Sweetin’s wedding, after the comedian died earlier this year. The actor also opens up about voicing Iron Man in ‘Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends.’ He says, he hopes the gig impresses his 4-year-old son, Billy.

27 Replies to “John Stamos on Unexpected Way Bob Saget ‘Showed Up’ to Jodie Sweetin’s Wedding (Exclusive)”

    1. @Val Hipkiss I feel bad for the Olsen girls. Also,, St.eph.en Col.b.ert, jer..ry Sei..nfil..ed. Bad people. La…dy maaany many more.

  1. It is insane to me that John is 60 years old and still looks and sounds 35 haha! What a legend. Much love and may Bob rest in peace. Thank you for all the great memories

  2. That’s lovely. It was great that they were able to come back together for Fuller House for a bit before Bob had to depart. For him but also for his TV family.

    1. Hi Iane …… How are you doing girl? I agree with you… I still find it so odd and sad how he passed. He seemed like a sweet guy that cared about all of his tv family and all of the people he encountered.

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  6. He used to look so lean, clean-cut and that made him stand out from other actors. Now with the beard he looks like Zach Galifianakis, Jonah Hill or Seth Rogen and all those other chunky and schlubby Hollywood actors.

  7. John Stamos I liked your interview also I love full and Fuller house and I miss her best friend Bob I hope to meet all of you in person someday I I hope to see you in any future have a nice night what day

  8. With anyone else on any other show, I would simply think the fans are crazy, but I simply love the Fuller House folks and Uncle Jessie, DJ Tanner, Stephanie, etc have brought so much happiness to our lives, I wish them all continued success and pray for a Fullest House.

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