Become part of us on Patreon We head to South Westland for our very first Rod as well as Rifle Rafting Expedition of the springtime, the deer are nevertheless out the turf however so browsing is a little bit steady nevertheless we deal with to achieve a collection of deer nads to toss on the BBQ for Butch to at. Deer browsing

20 Replies to “Josh James BBQ BALLS – Hunting as well as Rafting Stag Party”

  1. Good stuff👍
    You brought the camp talk home,bad move😉
    You look just fine mrs. JAMES

  2. Bit worried about the beer, if ya going to lug a slab of beer in the bush make them at least 5%!

  3. Thank you, your family, and friends for all of the enjoyable adventures and knowledgeable tips throughout your videos!!! Good health and happiness to all of you! Looking forward to the next adventure!

  4. I heard, with the coffee grinds, you need to drop them…aka…take you billy by the handle and allow it to drop by a metre! As if you’re pretending to drop a child, you let them fall by a metre, then catch them again…? DISCLAIMER: I HAVE SEEN THE COFFEE ‘DROP’ TECHNIQUE, BUT NEVER PARTOOK IN IT! ALSO I HAVE NO CHILDREN… let me know if it works though!

    1. But obviously keep hold of the billy handle the whole time…? Hope that makes sense? Gravity will force the coffee grinds to the bottom of the billy!

  5. From the net:
    Egg shells are alkaline, while coffee is acidic. When added to coffee, the egg shells remove much of the bitterness and mellow out the flavor. Egg shellsare also used in making campfirecoffee – boiling loose grounds in a pot of water – because the shells help keep the grounds in the bottom of the pot.

    My mother used to do this and it works perfect.

    1. If I call it a truck its a truck, call yours what you want, I call mine what I want, Cheer

    2. @Dan Stevens I reckon utes are small 2 wheel drives or 4WD’s with shit horsepower that cant tow heavy loads, such as a holden commodore ute, I dont tell you your undies are thongs do I? You reckon what you reckon and I reckon what I reckon, what do you reckon about that aye. Do you call El Camino’s utes? What about a ford F 150? Different strokes for different folks

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