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15 Replies to “Trick Web Design Principles: Navigation, Hierarchy & Color”

  1. The first site is nevertheless superior. It violates all your rules yet is better. The whole s greater than the sum of the parts.

  2. I NEVER use the hamburger menu on desktop. Why would anyone do that? It breaches basic design fundamentals it’s bad SEO and frankly it’s just bad practise!

  3. From mi pov, the first web is better designed. Even though the second one is prettier, the first one is focused on converting to sell. So you have a big title telling what they are and where (they are in San Francisco and they provided law services specialized in family), short comments of the services they have already provided, and two buttons, one to talk with someone or maybe send and email and other one to read testimonials from previous clients. Also the logo is there and a phone to call.

    On the other hand, in the other page I only see the logo and text talking about how is their service but you can’t know more unless you start navigating the site. I’m pretty sure that the first one produces more sales than the second one

  4. Hi guys, really nice video
    But I have a question, how to do I get Web page templates that I can implement as a beginner in Web development (html,css,js)

  5. thanks! helpful tips :] yeah i agree that the first website did too much to grab attention and u ended up losing focus, whereas the second website did a really good job of establishing a hierarchy that actually directs ur attention to a specific main title

  6. i mean when you use language the way you do, yeah it seems like the first design was “harder” but actually the hamburger menu is always accessible on every page and has the exact same submenu system.

    i think you’re speaking more to convention trends than what is actually “good” or “easy”

    just wanted to point this out because i think changing our perspective on how we present this info brings us closer to an objective look at user experience

    personally, i think both websites suffer from all the same design flaws.

  7. To be fair, the first Law Firm has the better headline (not perfect but better).
    The second one “Exceptional Outcomes” is so generic and can be used for everything.
    With the first one I know from the beginning that the firm is focused on Family Law and centered in San Francisco.
    I have hint if the site is the right one for my intentions.

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