On this evaluate I check out the Barrina BU-2000 which is a 200 watt LED develop gentle with full gentle spectrum for vegetative progress and flowering / fruiting. The protection of this gentle is 4×4 so it would work completely in a develop tent of that dimension. The sunshine is adjustable and the set up system it has permits you to modify how shut it’s to your vegetation simply. Out there on Barrinas web site https://barrina-led.com/merchandise/barrina-led-grow-light-full-spectrum-with-ir-4x4ft-coverage-dimmable-adjustable-light-panel-with-768-leds-hight-ppfd-plant-grow-light-for-indoor-plants-seedling-growing-flowering-bloom-fruiting Purchase this gentle on Amazon https://amzn.to/33SJhtC My Vlog Channel https://bit.ly/2EvMpgB Help the present on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/ForrestStevens

11 Replies to “LED Barrina full spectrum grow light 4×4 Review! under 150$”

  1. Been growing with 2 of them in a 4×4. Great lights. No need to push them 100%, they do great from 40%-80% on the dimmer IMHO. Apx 20″. Your mileage may vary✌️

    1. @Chadwick Alexander Jr no, just increase distance if you experience light burn. Paleness in the center “bleachy looking leaves” would be an indication of too close or dial it back.

  2. Just bought this light…if the par is correct then it’s killing the low watt game and is not getting its fair shake.

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