LED Grow Lights 101: What To Watch Out For When Buying From Amazon.com On this establish light collection episode i am going over the means to uncover out the real specifications for create lights purchased on amazon.com. I in addition provide what establish light that you merely in fact ought to not acquire. Link to finish Develop Mild 101 collection: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?checklist=PLyGnQnIK8tOgWvu9SQE_j1m0mkijY9rBH Most Likely To Gardening Stuff (Amazon Affiliate Hyperlinks ) Lights _________________. 200 True Watts. For Excessive Yield Fruiting and also Vegetable Vegetation. Niello – https://amzn.to/3dpH7jE (STRONG ). 40 True Watts. Houseplants/leafy environment-friendlies (good for closets ). Barrina Full Spectrum – https://amzn.to/2V3K9UD. 36 True Watts. Functions wonderful in light. SANSI – https://amzn.to/3fHKfsT. Random Necessities _______________________________________________. Timers For Your Lights – https://amzn.to/2NkbLAA. Temperature Level and also Humidity Meter – https://amzn.to/3ei5ukF. The Most Effective Mister Ever – https://amzn.to/2V3a2ne. Chikamasa Backyard Scissors – https://amzn.to/2YYX7DY. Products ________________________________________________________. Fungi Gnat Removing (leverages a mini microorganism that eliminates only fungi gnats as well as insects). Misquito Bits – https://amzn.to/37NJaNr. Sphagnum Moss – https://amzn.to/3doNIeh. Orchid/Aroid Combine – https://amzn.to/3hL8b0e

On this establish light collection episode i am going over the means to find out the real specifications for create lights gotten on amazon.com. There’s a lot of selections and also several misleading information. I furthermore offer what create light that you just in fact must not acquire.

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  1. Your such a liar I’ve bought all of my grow lights on Amazon know your research before mouthing off

  2. Thanks for the video, but I’m still stumped. Is there actually any GOOD grow lights on Amazon for under $100?

    1. I havent looked in a while but any light that has Samsung leds and a decent power supply brand should be good

  3. Hydro Farm Radiant 8 is the way to go. By all parameters it is the closest thing to sunlight light . Either vented models are available. LED lighting has very limited light spectrum, and plants are very sensitive to color of light while HPS lighting provides full spectrum and 2 x 2 ft light reflectors of Radiant 8 cover area of 4 by 4 ft ( or even more) of growth area. Contact me and I will tell how to get pre-owned sets.

  4. Any suggestions on something to mount under a shelf for two small houseplants – a rubber plant and a syngonium? The nook is about 48″ wide with a plant on either end, it just doesn’t get much light.

    What are your thoughts on the GE grow bulbs?

  5. Question: Are these LED strips supposed to get hot to the touch? I just installed mine today, they’re very bright, but they’re not hot to the touch at all.

  6. I owned king led for a few years and it’s a very good light for a 2×2 grow area and it’s the equivalent of a gas bulb that’s why they say 1000 wats but only pull 200 from the wall

  7. Most people (you included) make the mistake to ignore the fact that these modern, bright LEDs need proper cooling, or their light output will quickly reduce over time without the user often not even noticing. Even passive cooling with a heatsink is not enough, the hot air needs to be moved away with a small fan.

    1. Blurple is LED, while there is always really good lights that are pushing innovative design and work better the price is often way to high for houseplant people. This video isn’t really for cannabis growers. They already have forums dedicated to arguing about the best lights lol

    1. They might be a lot better now. A lot of Chinese companies stopped with the bad advertising and now make more accurate listingd

  8. Thank you for this. About half the companies on Amazon are Chinese sellers. This is not to disparage the Chinese, they are just as capable of making high quality stuff as anyone else. Their dictator government is corrupt though and there is no real oversight when it comes to quality and longevity. Outside companies like Apple, that have oversight, get great products. Otherwise, a lot of Chinese manufacturing is disposable. Do some research and you can find people who have lived a long time in China who can attest to this. i bought two of those Medusa looking LED lights for my citrus trees (that design works well for multiple trees and directing the light). They actually performed very well (my trees thrived and bloomed under them) till they didn’t. What went wrong? The switch. Looking at all the 1m different choices of this type product, one can see that the seller is using the same source. Reading the reviews from all who buy them all cite the same issue: failed switch, which makes sense because all the different sellers seem to be using the same switch. It’s a shame, because there may be Chinese owned companies who have stepped up and are doing things ethically, but i’m gun shy if the company doesn’t have outside oversight.

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