London’s Burning – Hen Party Blue Watch participate in a fireplace at a Chinese language dining establishment the location a gaggle of ladies are having enjoyable with a chicken party. From Sequence 8, Episode 5 (1995 ) London’s Burning is copyright Community DVD as well as London Weekend Television

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  1. translation of the chinese would be appreciated in order to get all the facts, can you do that?

    1. flashstudiosguy ya, I know, always to be fireman, however if it’s a hen party when I get to the shout, I am not going to be the one to tell the girls to get out of the building

    1. I think it’s more that they’ve had WAY too much to drink, and they’re not aware there’s an actual fire happening.

    2. @Chris Whitbread That combined with them expecting a stripper in uniform turning up. And Geoff arrives first. XD.

  2. I think a fair translation of the Chinese would have been “Shit ! Look at this !” “Oh f*ck !!”

  3. There’s no subtitles when the manger and the chef are arguing, but I can make a reasonable guess – : “Look what you’ve done, you incompetent arsehole ! What the f*ck am I paying you for ??” “Paying me ?! Ha ! That’s a laugh, you tight-fisted **** ! “

  4. WHAT IS THE SONG IN THE BACKGROUND PLEASE?… Also 3 of the hens were page 3 girls of the day.. Teresa May, Maria Whittaker are 2 of them

    1. “ Sisters are doing it for themselves” by The Eurythmics, the girls are doing drunken singing to it. Well most of them, except that woman enjoying her dinner.

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