Did you understand there was a great deal even more to your Bupa By You medical insurance than your therapy as well as care? To discover even more concerning the solutions pointed out in the video clip, register for My Bupa http://ow.ly/Yfazp

13 Replies to “Taking advantage of your Bupa medical insurance”

  1. Sounds lovely , but in reality BUPA takes money , but won’t pay out for emergency treatment like my brothers appendix operation . Oh well you’ve gone to A &E so we dont cover you , so your on your own , tough shit . Before you join BUPA , read the small print about all the conditions they place on treatment , the small small small print , the tiny clauses . Do yourself a favour and save your money in the bank , just like you would pay BUPA . Then you get to decide what to pay your money out on , not BUPA . Heres a case which was in the papers , its one of a large and growing number of people who , like you , thought private health care is a safe bet . They were wrong .This is just one mans story @t

    1. Depends. My insurance is £50 a month with all the extras and shit. If I can afford £50 or more for the latest phone, I can damn we’ll do it for health insurance.

    1. Hi Anna. Thanks for getting in touch. You can get a quote by visiting http://www.bupa.co.uk, or by calling our Sales Team on 0800 600 500. Lines are open 8-8 Monday to Friday and 9-1 on Saturday. Many thanks, BC

    1. @Independent Puppy I’m with Bupa – the NHS along with the Welsh ambulance service not only left me disabled lack the time to offer adequate support afterwards. Shut it down!

    2. @Sensei Shakira Me too. I spent around 6 hours in an NHS hospital with lung conditions. Taken in as emergency. They sent me home without full checks, and when I still had problems. Time for the NHS to be dismantled. Better to have a private health care system like in America. The NHS isn’t free anyway. We all pay insurance for it but get a poor service. Time for the UK to go all private I think.

    1. Hi there. Thanks for getting in touch. Bupa Insurance is for use within the UK, but we do have Bupa Global which provides cover around the world. They can be contacted on 01273 323 563, or via [email protected]. Many thanks, BC

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