Mercedes-Benz Service A– Car Service At Mercedes-Benz, it is one point added– a ten,000-mile check-in we call Service A. That is when our adeptly informed service technicians not only bring out a total, detailed vehicle examination, nonetheless replacement certain vital aspects with Real Mercedes-Benz Components. By taking the time to obtain problems correct, as well as using the exact aspects to obtain the task carried out, Service A might additionally aid be certain that the Mercedes-Benz you drive does on the comparable extreme phase you’ve obtained come to count on. Belong to the dialog: Abide by us on Twitter:

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  1. Yes sir, I had 2009model c200 kompresor, troble code p0045, its says supercharger boost control solenoid circuit A open, but I cannot find where is it exactly,and the kompresor not engaging,no power,plz help me out,tnx

  2. To my fellow Benz owners (e class only)
    i drove e class all my life (4th one now) this is THE BEST in all benz classes. HOWEVER, there s no need to get into expansive repairs or get lured into shops advise to do this or that…
    SERVICE A::: is a simple oil and AIR filter change and putting air in the tires. Any ordinary shop can do that for you, they will happy that they did and charged you $50 extra due to synthetic oil Benz parts what not and you save minimum $200 to $300 at a fancy dealer with a $1 cup of coffee.

  3. The technician did replace the oil filter housing seal…. He did however forgot the oil filter itself 🤷🏼‍♂️

  4. how much can I expect for servicing a Mercedes Benz S-Class 550 every year, give me the detail in cost

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