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  1. Yeah Athletes do this alot as well…they can get crazy insurance policies and large extended credit lines that they can borrow from even BEFORE draft night!

  2. Oh wow, the smart way of banking! IRC, all makes sense now, I’m still learning this with my mentor and this video just makes it more understandable. Thank you!

  3. I think Waka meant “borrow against” his cash value in his plan, not actually withdraw from the Cash value. because, Waka said he’d pay the money back and benefit from the interest. this means he’s paying back himself the amount he borrowed against his Cash value and gaining the interest from those payments he’s making to himself.

    1. @T. Stamps I just started learning about this stuff last Thursday night on another YouTube channel and I can’t get enough of it! 🙏🙌

    2. @Cynthia Graham I’m impressed. I have two whole life policies. Not in the millions, just six figures. I don’t know why I’m watching like this benefits me. Lol.

    3. @T. Stamps I had no idea this existed! Smh. I’m making up for lost time. Six figures…ummm, that’s really great! 🔥

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