There could be a couple of issues with the government’s proposed National Health Insurance. That’s the warning from the Private hospital group Mediclinic. The group says in its current form the NHI is unlikely to be sustainable. Raised concerns include medical aid scheme cover being eroded and the role of the private hospitals being reduced or eliminated. Courtesy #DStv403

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  1. It is very important for the ANC to introduce the NHI…. All the other money is gone and there is nothing left to steal…. This would be Billions additional money for the ANC elite to steal…. The Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley and Rolls Royce dealers will also greatly benefit because that is where these criminals spend the first of the stolen money…
    All of the (proper) doctors will leave…there is a hunger for our qualified doctors all over the civilized world….
    Get out of this sh*th*le while you still can… If you cannot, buckle up, it is going to get much worse before it gets….even worse…. BBBEE afraid…BBBEE very, very afraid….

  2. Quality education can only work efficiently when there’s demand and supply forces on-work without state intervention which intends to fix problems but exacerbates further more. No such system in the world has ever been successful so how can a broken country like South Africa achieve this than well oiled systems in the world.

  3. The private healthcare is not being funded by government its by the AFTER tax money of PRIVATE a citizens paying for their OWN care.

  4. This is all about centralizing procurement and nothing else. If they are serious about fixing the public health sector start with the fixing the public hospitals. They are for the most appauling. My mom caught tb from false bay and pneomonia while admitted in the groote schuur neurosurgery section, while she was in groote schuur they never even treated the pneumonia. If basic human decency cannot be instilled into our public hospitals, then how is increasing taxes to go into the NHI slush fund going to help anyone. If your intentions were honorable you would have started fixing the public hospitals along time ago.

  5. NHI can be funded from the profits made from vaccine administration, vaccine sales, PPE, testing. The billions spent on projects could have been spent on fixing our hospitals. The money mismanagement up to now in management and maintenance of hospitals is astonishing.

  6. Private sector is all about money,the public sector are a mess.
    It’s never about the health of people.NHI must be applied.

  7. NHI works and can work very well. It is working in the UK. The problem in South Africa is the private health care providers who are making a killing in profits. All South Africa has to do is to reduce queuing times and the time a person has to wait for specialised examinations like scans etc which at the moment they are given immediately to emergency patients. Private doctors alongside NETCARE and other similar providers are the only lovers if NHI is introduced

  8. This was pretty one sided and bias – the interviewer calling the medical sector `cartels` was a bit far fetched. It seems she wanted to make up the mind for the viewer.

  9. If NHI among other things, aims solve the problem of unemployed nurses and doctors…then why are so many practicing doctors against it?

  10. They would not be underfunded if the bastards running the country stopped stealing. The haves and have nots is a joke. If you cant pay, then you go public. Communist kak. If i have a mercedes and others have bicycles do we sell the merc and get everyone scooters? The ANC wil plunder it and health professionals will leave.

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