We’ve been building this one off bespoke Volkswagen Crafter campervans over the last few weeks for one of our customers and it’s all coming together. This spacious campervan has some impressive features and you won’t believe what we’ve managed to fit inside. Remember to subscribe to see the finished camper van!

Website – www.jerbacampervans.co.uk Jerba Campervans is an official Volkswagen registered vehicle bodybuilder for the Transporter T6.1, focusing on the highest in quality, safety, and customer service. Based in North Berwick Scotland we offer six different T6.1 conversion layouts and also fit our own Ventile canvas elevating roof to any T5, T6 or T6.1 transporters. Three of our layouts are available for hire.

17 Replies to “New VW CRAFTER Campervan – You won’t believe what’s inside!”

  1. Aswome looking build guts 👍 can you tell me we’re I can buy that bed frame and protective exterior film from please 🙏
    Thanks 😊

  2. The cassette pulls out into the van?!
    This is the fundamental issue with the Crafter, besides cost, rust and reliability issues: it’s too narrow for a transverse bed, so the fixed bed eats up too much space in the van.

  3. Beautiful. Is it H3L4? I currently searching for a new crafter. What’s the best option to buy to convert and would you suggest conversion van company in Europe?

  4. Great workmanship but the bed takes up too much space. Why not have it coming down from the ceiling and use the “garage” for more space inside the van as well? The bathroom needs to be bigger.

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