[Vlog 12.5.20]
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Welcome to The Frey Life every day vlogs! We’re Peter & Mary, a married pair in our very early 30’s, presenting the ups and downs of on a routine basis life with #CysticFibrosis, a dangerous lung ailment that Mary was born with. It is our hope that these movies may be a support to have fun the little problems in life and find satisfaction among a world filled up with exhausting facts! Try our regular podcast on Peter’s Channel concerning faith as well as staying with hope in Jesus within the middle of a damaged world! → https://youtube.com/livingwithhopepodcast


    1. I don’t have CF, but I’ve always been on tons of meds for asthma, allergies, VCD, migraines, acid reflux, Alopecia, etc. Currently I’m down to a plastic box slightly larger than a shoe box. I’m so blessed with the body I have, even if the body I have needs some meds to get by.

    2. This is bizarre I watched this when it came out but it came up in my feed after your most recent vlog how far you’ve come Mary it’s amazing a true gift from God! Do you still have your J tube? And do you still use it? I’m just curious being a Tubie myself xx ps. I love that you use your feet for things like emptying the trash haha I do the same always using my feet to help certain tasks I thought I was the only one that did that haha 😂 xx

    3. This was uploaded in Dec 2020 but watching it helps me orginise my items I only have the energy to to tablets but they have been playing on my mind for a while. So thankyou very much for the motivation and support. xxxx

  1. I’ve spent years optimising my medical supply organisation, it’s getting pretty good i think but when something new and important gets added (this year I needed epipens as part of my emergency kit) and now i don’t know where to put them because i want them easy for carers to find :/

  2. I have all my medications, creams, etc. for every day use in my nightstand then I have a basket in my closet with the refills. I have a little basket in my closet with all my migraine relief things, so my emergency relief pills and other pain relief tricks I have.

  3. Where did you get that glass container for your emergency meds?
    I think that would work well for my medical cabinet x

    I love watching your medical organisation videos it helps give me ideas of ways to organise and change things up with my medical supplies x

    Thx you for sharing your life with us x

  4. How sweet are y’all love
    It!!! Home must for the holidays. Also I’m HAVE ESRD so supplies and Meds no stranger to. Love video thx

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