This Paintball Sniper begins DESTROYING Paintball Cheaters throughout the Paintball Wars. See an additional Paintball Cheater snap! Allow’s Talk: ⏩ Join My Discord Server: ⏩ Join me LIVE on YouTube – Problem PB Patches: COMPLY WITH ME: ⏩ Instagram: ⏩ Facebook: ⏩ Twitter: Twitter: ⏩ YouTube: #paintball #paintballcheaters #paintballwars

This Paintball Sniper begins DESTROYING Paintball Cheaters throughout the Paintball Wars.

18 Replies to “Paintball Sniper DESTROYING Cheaters – Paintball Wars”

  1. Unfunny Paintball Moments! ⏩

    1. Lmao I literally just drove by commando paintball not realizing this is where the video takes place. Pretty cool unless this isn’t the commando paintball In bearbrook/navan Ontario ?

  2. Cheating makes perfect sense in sports/games like this, anyone would cheat as much as they can to save their own lives in real wars like WW1, WW2, etc.

  3. It never is fair to get held up by the judges or refs then get hit by players taking advantage of it. Though its hard when your bloods going high from the game already for some to stop themselves. Just think the fist bump guy deserved a shot in the face for using the judge to wipe everyone out. Guy is trash to me if uses a ref to get kills lol.

  4. Bro said “beautiful facial”, bro 💀😭 hell nah, you coulda said somethin better bro, like headshot or sum 😂

  5. Based on the title I thought this was going to be about 100 airsoft guys and 100 paintballers giving unlimited head shots to a group of politicians in a pit for a solid 3 hours.

  6. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not die but have eternal life

  7. I would really enjoy playing this. I would take at least an 8 man squad and try to flank them, so they would get caught in a cross fire. Haha, military vet here.

  8. lol is it just me or that camera he used to record this match makes the video look like a (Digital) game on pc but with 160 fps xd

  9. My buddy had a neighbor with a huge private 9 hole golf course. Dude spent much time deforesting large greenways and then constant mowing. There was a stream that cut the course in half with a couple bridges and stepping stone spots. He was way cooler then we realized for letting us play there whenever. Had gators and 4 wheelers even a 3 wheeler I refused to go near. We made sure we left it spotless. Half the times we were drunk paintballing by nighttime, but would double check in the morning. Good memories for sure. Tipman 98s with flatline barels were the thing a few buddy’s had a3s i think they were called? Crazy that was literaly decades ago…

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