Remodeling My Entire Graphic Design Portfolio ~ obtain 10% off at or with the code: KELLAUREN Thank you EVERYONE for 250k!:-RRB-))))). –. PATREON: –. Follow me:. ig/sc: @kel. lauren. t: @keldotlauren. –. DEAL WITH ME:. [email protected]. –. Comply with Matty. ig: @gaptxxth. –. Shot on Canon 77D, 18-55mm lens. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro by Matty. –. Songs by gaptooth. –. Biz inquries:.

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  1. Now of course if Kellyanne was a Democrat it wouldn’t have been an issue. I should have known by the glasses and jumper.

  2. self note: timestamp

    0:08 intro
    1:45 squarespace sponsor

    2:15 personal branding update
    2:44 first personal branding
    4:44 after portfolio class
    6:20 new logo (old familiar one)
    7:29 design a new one ! (8:48)

    10:40 squarespace presentation
    11:40 kl last portfolio presentation

    main @juliafletcherphoto ‘s tip :
    “make sure your portfolio is reflective of the work you want ti be making and are excited about.
    because what you put in your portfolio is the kind of jobs you’ll attract. this goes for resumes too.
    you’re deciding whether or not to put a project in your portfolio : ask yourself if this is the kind of work
    to continue making, if not, leave it out”

    16:39 template
    18:55 logo
    21:22 pages edit
    24:10 individual galleries (day 2)
    24:26 : kesha
    26:16 : poppy (or making clothes edit)
    -28:05– : technical difficulties-
    28:35 photos page
    (31:29 BOOOSS)
    31:39 about page
    34:14 features page
    35:54 poster page

    36:35 review
    39:40 that’s it guys (41:45 squarespace sponsor)
    42:42 remember to give support 🙂
    40:00 outro

    (ps : thanks for the video and the many tips you left there, it helped me out with many questions :))

  3. I been looking for u, I have a problem with remembering names, and I used to watch ure videos all the time, and I just casually found u today.

  4. so the first 5 minutes you talk about your mental illness mostly instead of focussing on design. shame. same goes for your look. you took time and a great deal of attention to how you look, with the color coordination between nail polish and eyeshadow. however you choose to make yourself look homely. why? because you dont want to draw attention to the fact you are quite pretty? but isnt that who you are? why do you need to hide? doesnt that impact your design abilities?

  5. Thanks for the vid. If you don’t have much commissions, could you put up a bunch of concept art instead as placeholders?

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