Hey guys and girls here’s a new silver coin video. It’s been awhile since ive do a video on silver Bullion so here it is and i think it’s a go one. In this video i will show you my silver bullion collection, there must be over 100 coins in this case where i store some of the Bullion silver coins. I will go through the whole coin collection and give you information on collecting coins and bullion coins, as well as telling you how and where i got the coin from. I’ve been collecting coins since i was a child and i started collecting and investing in silver about 10 years ago. So most of the silver bullion coins in this video were brought about 10 years ago , and they are in a lighthouse case. I hope you enjoy this coin video, if you’ve any questions about silver, bullion or coin collecting let me know in the comments.

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  1. That is a fine collection, sir. I LOVE the RCM coins.. all of the series, really, but birds of prey is probably my fav. I’ve been pretty lucky in that all of those coins i have bought over the past year are in mint condition. No milk spotting or toning!
    That Lighthouse case you have, is it the Cargo L6 Pro? I thought the lid didn’t stay open? Did they fix that issue or have you modified the case? Just about to buy one so i thought i would ask!

    1. Hey thanks for watching, that the L6 cargo I did a review on it and your right I did have issue with it staying open but I was fine here . Maybe it loosened in time I still think it’s not solid when open like that , but would highly recommend

  2. Myth/propaganda probably by bullion sellers to jack up premiums on Silver eagles. Already, extreme price gouging going on by dealers on silver premium on all bullion.
    If someone is seeking silver when SHFT, they wouldn’t care what’s on the coin.

  3. Very nice collection… I store mine in a dark wooden ginseng box with gold Korean lettering and brass accents that I found in the recycle bin in Korea. I’m a collector and not a stacker even though I do buy tubes of Libertads once in a blue moon. I have 1 American Silver Eagle and that will be the only one I ever own. Too much premium for such a high mintage coin.

    1. NIce, The American silver eagles are always a good guy. Glad you enjoyed the video.

  4. From USA, first video of yours I have seen, but now subscribed. I bought a 5 oz Noahs Ark, and the difference is great. On a “busy” coin, you can really get the detail on a bigger coin. Also love the Isle of Man Viking Ship coins. Buy and collect them, as well as the Ukraine Archangel Michael. Love the Libertads. The Mexican Mint does great work, and do many collectables. probably hard to get over there. Thanks much, and look forward to more.

    1. Hey , thanks for the kind words and welcome to the channel trucker, I love the Noah’s Ark coins aswel I wish I’d bought more. Chat again, enjoy the rest of the weekend

    1. @Irish silver stack The Mint is called “Münze Österreich”, but of course you can buy only reprints there.

  5. I know my name says different…but there’s still something about milk spots on a coin that actually make it look cool…. ah that I like but don’t like …I’ll never understand the concept…

    1. @Irish silver stack The only way I keep milk stains from forming is I place the coins in a ziplock bag ..but I don’t like how they look in a bag..

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