DEAN: Let’s take this at some point at a time.

RORY: Gradual and regular wins the race.

“Gradual and regular wins the race” is a proverb from “The Tortoise and the Hare”, a narrative from Aesop’s Fables – a set of tales from historical Greece, attributed to a legendary slave named Aesop.

Within the fable, the tortoise challenges the hare to a race, however the conceited hare takes a nap halfway by the race, positive that he has loads of time to take action and nonetheless win the race. He wakes to search out the tortoise has already crossed the end line.

The ethical of the story is that flashy overconfidence could also be overtaken by conscientious plodding.

In the identical manner, Dean hopes to win Rory again together with his regular, dependable methods, whereas the “flashy” Jess misses out.

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