Ah the joys of Invisalign. So, my Invisalign journey has come to a bit of a halt. Overly dramatic as usual, but I wanted to share why I haven’t done and update in a while and what will (hopefully) be the plan forward, already at 8 and a half months into my treatment with quite a few months left. All in all though I don’t have too much to complain about! 😁

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  1. It’s probably not my place to ask that, but why do you need more aligners/correction? Your teeth seem super straight already besides the almost invisible gap at the bottom of that one tooth.

    1. No problem, ask away! And thanks 😁 Because I had to change my bite, things in the upper row of my teeth as still a bit off and they need to come back a bit and lessen the overbite a bit. Hopefully that makes sense!

  2. I’m doing Invisalign now, my dentist told me the K9 and the teeth next to the 2 front ones are the hardest teeth to move they for some reason don’t move as fast and easy as other teeth.
    I’m on tray 28 of 42 and I also have those crazy gaps lol I hope your treatment fixes your issues!

  3. I just watch your vlogmas video. Wow your smile is awesome. Your teeth have really moved. When would you an update. I’m on my 11 weekly tray out of 35. Can’t really see much difference yet on my smile.

    1. Thank you! 🤗 Yes, I’ve had great improvement since this video, thankfully! I have an appointment with my orthodontist on Monday (to see if I am done or need refinements!), so I figured I would do an update then, it should be up next week 😊
      Did you get a clincheck video with your consultation? It should show you when and how things should be moving, so you can compare to where you are now. Some months I feel like a lot happens visually and others it feels like it’s standing still for a while. Definitely contact your ortho if you are unsure whether your teeth are tracking! 🤗😊

    1. For me I have not paid anything else on top of my initial payment, all appointments, scans and extra aligners/refinements they had to order has not come at an additional expense. But I would definitely ask your orthodontist about it – I don’t know if they all do it the same way in regards to pricing 🙂

  4. If you want to see my other Invisalign updates, I have the full journey in this playlist here: https://bit.ly/3thTIBd
    I will do a Q&A on Invisalign when I (eventually) will be finished, so if you have any questions in particular that you want me to answer, you can leave it as a reply to this comment and I will include it in the video! 😊

  5. I know it’s been a while but I hope you are able to regain confidence in the process. Teeth shift at their own speed sometimes and the orthodontist can’t predict it. You’ve invested so much already so stay positive as much as possible

  6. They do sell cleaning tablets for your liners. You soak them for 15 minutes per day to avoid the yellowing.

    1. Yesss, I love them, Invisalign would be so much more gross without them 🙈 But I still get yellowing, my orthodontist told me it’s probably turmeric in my diet, as that can yellow aligners even if you brush your teeth after eating!

  7. Why have u had the same tray in for 7 weeks. Every week or two u should change to a better fit

    1. Ive been doing invisline for 8months
      And I’ve never had to wear them for more than 2 weeks .. I change them weekly only had to wear trays 2 weeks a couple time so confused why you been wearing them for 7 weeks

    2. I think I explained it in the video, but perhaps not well enough. Because my teeth were not tracking, I had to get a new scan and then my orthodontist ordered a new treatment plan. As we were waiting for that treatment plan to be made and the new trays shipped to his office, I had to keep wearing the same aligner. If I changed aligner, teeth would move and the new treatment would not have fit. So it was purely because of logistics, not because the treatment called for wearing them that long.

  8. Had the exact same problem and same tooth. I was suppose to get only 39 trays. 71 trays later I am finally done. I went clear correct. Never had any problems with aligner staining. That’s weird how the most popular company hasn’t changed their plastic formula so they are more comfortable and stain free. Have two bottom teeth that I think could have been better but I agree with you, plastic aligners can’t fix everything perfectly. People have to be told this going in to consult appointments. Hope you are done by now!

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