Are LED sellers truthful with their effectivity claims? How will you inform? Who’s being sincere? On this LED develop gentle video evaluate, I made a decision to audit 4 fashionable Amazon distributors (Spider Farmer, Maxsisun, Mars Hydro & ViparSpectra) to see if their lights match the PPE product specs proven on their web sites. Which firms are most truthful? This evaluate options 6 fashionable LED develop gentle fashions from the “1000” class. A few of them may be okay for a single “medicinal” plant. However these are perfect for dwelling gardeners, rising issues like lettuce, microgreens, seedlings & herbs. Three premium fashions: SF1000, MF1000 & TS1000. Three funds lights: SF1000D, PB1000 & TS600. Which lights are greatest? I took PPFD readings evaluating the sunshine ranges. The video exhibits a number of different metrics for evaluating these develop lights. Make sure you watch Half 2: 0:00 – Overview 1:21 – Integrating Sphere Assessments Lights & PPFD Assessments: 06:19 – SF1000 07:14 – SF1000D 08:07 – PB1000 08:46 – MF1000 09:27 – TS600 10:28 – TS1000 Mild Comparisons: 11:46 – Shady Techniques 13:13 – Output & Efficacy 14:40 – Value & Worth 16:04 – Options 18:51 – Firm 20:01 – Last Phrases This UPS energy station can backup a develop gentle! ► ===================== PRODUCT LINKS (# CommissionsEarned) ===================== Maxsisun PB1000 ► (Amazon US) ► (Amazon CA) Maxsisun MF1000(Distant) ► (Amazon US) ► (Amazon CA) Spider Farmer SF1000: Low cost Code: PEPPER19 ► (Amazon US / UK / DE) ► (Amazon CA) Mars Hydro TS1000 ► (Amazon US) Help my channel by shopping for by way of my hyperlink! 🙂 My PPFD Meter (Apogee Devices): ► ================== PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS ================== Though I reviewed & examined 6 LED develop lights, I am solely capable of advocate 4 of them: SF1000, PB1000, MF1000 & TS1000. The SF1000D & TS600 are subpar models. Except you may get them at a brilliant low cost value, you are higher off simply shopping for a PB1000. • SF1000: Spider Farmer initially launched this LED at $140. A 12 months later, that they had added a dimmer field & raised the value to $160. It wasn’t making any additional gentle. It simply value extra. They initially listed it as PPE 2.7. Then they claimed PPE 2.9. This was false. Their Integrating Sphere take a look at reviews present the PPE is simply 2.5! It is nonetheless very environment friendly. It additionally has a better proportion of Far Pink gentle vs the opposite LEDs. So I do advocate it. However I might not pay greater than $160 for it. • SF1000D: Growers may mistake the SF1000D for a SF1000 with out the dimmer. However that is not the one distinction! It has Samsung LM301D diodes. It does not have a branded driver. And so the ability issue is low (0.69). The efficacy is way decrease. The PPE is simply 2 (though the label mentioned 2.6). At $100 or greater, this gentle is solely not price it. • PB1000: Maxsisun’s funds develop gentle. A really good entry stage gentle at an excellent value. It is good & clear, much like how the SF1000 began out. Samsung LM281B+ diodes are much less environment friendly than the SF1000/SF1000D ones. However it has an excellent driver & extra of diodes, permitting them to run at a decrease voltage. Thus, the efficacy is 2.1 umol/J & it runs at a real 100W. • MF1000: It has extra options than the others: Ribbed warmth sink, daisy chain energy connector & distant management for energy & dimming. The reflector hood helps to focus the photons (together with a smaller diode footprint). It does not output far more gentle than the PB1000. However it distributes the sunshine otherwise (good for non-tent functions). The PPE is barely greater (2.139 vs 2.077) & it features a Far Pink diode. However it has that premium value too. For those who’re impressed by the options, then it is price it. • TS600: Mars Hydro did not need me to evaluate this gentle. They’d NO take a look at report for it. It has false PPE specs on the label (PPE 2.3). It’s most likely extra like 1.8 umol/J. That is based mostly on my PPFD readings in comparison with the MF1000 (which matches wattage & additionally has a reflector hood). The TS600 has a poor energy issue (0.7). It isn’t very shiny & not as environment friendly. I do not advise shopping for it. • TS1000: In contrast to the opposite 100W fashions, this LED is a full 150W. So the output is way greater! I used to be given an outdated take a look at report. However my PPFD readings assist an efficacy of two.1 and even 2.2. It might be truthful to match this gentle to the others, besides it prices LESS than the SF1000. And you may dim it too. A superb worth in that dearer premium class! #ArtificialLighting #IndoorGrowing #LEDlighting #TestReports #GrowYourOwn #Albopepper – – – – – – – – – SUPPORT: – – – – – – – – – W E B ➝ F B ➝ I G ➝ T E E S ➝

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    1. It seems for this year or recently they upgraded the SF-1000D to have the same diodes as the SF1000. It says on there website as well that it has the LM301B diodes instead of the LM301D diodes.

  2. I find honesty one of the most important factors in deciding for or against buying a product. Passing here on the search for a micro-greens growlight. This might be more suited for grass?

  3. Great video, i’ve been searching for a growing light full spectrum dimmable, under 4 000 kelvin, for a greenhouse cabinet with house plants.
    Between the fake reviews, the sponsored ones (mother plantspectrum is the worst) or the uneducated ones, it’s quite difficult for the customers to know what to trust.

  4. very in depth and helpful us less literate in the ways of grow lights. I have a TS600 just because it came with my 2x2x5 tent and filter/fan, which was the best price I could find for all of the above by a mile. Interesting to see how it compares to competitors!

  5. Parfactworks makes a good entry led grow light.
    The happy buds series is the only light I can vouch for.
    The HB1000 yielded me over 3 ozs in a 2×2 tent on my second grow. I’m looking to upgrade drastically. Lol

  6. What? I can’t pay in #dogecoin 🎈Very nice review on something I wasn’t aware of. Thanks and you got a new sub. #carryon 😊

  7. To be fair though, I don’t think most home growers are aware of the way to compare the numbers. Marketers in general have a reputation of exploiting what folks aren’t aware of. My choice would definitely be to go with the company who owned up to their bogus numbers and corrected them.

  8. Lol..i bought one from amazon and didnt read the size right..the dam thing hardly covers a six pack size. Now im trying to.difure out where to use it.

  9. I use 100 watt leds like this for “moms” because it makes them stretch and I like lanky clones planted with the stem in the ground.
    Obviously talking about tomatoes.

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