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20 Replies to “Spider Farmer SE 7000 Commercial LED grow light PAR test and review”

  1. Could you run some more tests at different hanging heights with this light? I have this light in a 5×5 tent at a height of 18-24 inches (canopy not the best)

  2. Hanging the light at 16 inches you get 1050 in the center and mid to high 800s in the far corners. Set it to 1000 like you do similar sized wattage lights.

  3. Just got the same one. Mine has black and silver housing with orange end caps. When I turned it on it was shocking how bright it is.

  4. Spider Farmer SE 7000 How you will compare this panel to LUMATEK ZEUS 600W PRO I thinking to buy one of thous 2

  5. Hi Shane, Steve, will you be reviewing the Omega Luna Pro + ? I am interested in the differences between the diodes and if the ppfd is delivered in a better light spectrum by either the SE7000 or the Luna Pro +… there are over 3000 LM301 diodes on the SE7000 and 2016x 2835 diodes on the Luna Pro + however the Omega delivers 2.9umol/w and over 1800ppfd… so which is better?

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  7. How about doing reviews for the UK it seems all your stuff is for the USA like the discount codes are for USA not UK. Also, you have not done a spider farmer see 5000 upgrade? Cheers, Shane great videos.

  8. you can see in your test that the one side with the uneven leds that the power cables attach to , has a lower ratting I was wondering about this when I looked at this light and was a main reason I decided not to purchase it . Same as always wondering if you can test this vs 4 450watt quantum boards dimmed down to the same watt for par spread and heat . I feel everyone is moving towards 1 big light yet I dont feel this is the best . sure its cheaper but what gives a better more even par ratting ?

  9. Hi Shane could you do a compare test with the spider farmer SE1000 and the G1000 would like to know the difference in the two since they changed the diodes. Thanks

  10. Is this light better than the Lumatek zeus Pro 2.9 , the latest version ?

    I can get the Lumatek for £700 brand new. The spider farmer unit is
    Has dropped in price to £600 .

    Edit : I just purchased the spiderfarmer se7000 for £480 , absolute bargain .

    1. Where from I am interested and was also comparing same lights if can se7000 for £480 that would make my decision and just run it from a higher height

    2. @Neil Stewart I bought it directly from the spider farmer website .
      Every week they have a flash sale ,
      The se7000 went down to £520 and I used a discount code to get a further discount. Total came to £478 .
      I could have got a further 8% off if I had bought 2 lights .

      So forget ebay and all these other sites , go direct to the manufacturer.

      They are the best In my opinion, service is 5 🌟 .
      All lights come with 5 years warranty . Delivery is very fast and packing is discreet .

    3. @Neil Stewart they are not joking when They say it’s a commercial unit .
      This thing is huge . It’s exactly 1.2 m squared .
      The power of the light is amazing, at 10 % it’s as bright as 250 w hps .

      At full blast you definitely will need CO2 and even then you better keep them at a safe distance .

      I saw a used se7000 for sale on ebay , Asking price is £350 .
      Check it out .

      Good luck 👍

  11. I lover your reviews. The spider farmer g860 should be next up for review. spider farmer says it cost efficient but how?

  12. I own two of these and run them at 80 percent power . Any higher without co2 definitely causes stress . Awesome lights

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