Crawler Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light Unboxing, PAR Test & Heat Test! On this video clip I unpack, PAR check as well as heat inspect the Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Develop Gentle. What do you consider this rate variety LED establish moderate and also these PAR dimensions? This horticulture video clip is for scholastic and/or docudrama features and also is not developed to help or motivate others to simulate. I make from certifying acquisitions made using a variety of the links underneath. Patreon- Establish devices I benefit from- Establish devices shop- LED create light shop- ★ Premium Content product ★. My How To Develop publication- My How To Develop audio publication- My How To Develop video clip program- ★ Merchandise proven/talked around on this video clip ★. SF2000 LED create light (Low price code: MRGROWIT5)- Create camping tent- The same level meter- Meter stick- Kill-A-Watt meter- Mild wall mounts- Video cameras utilized- & Tripod- ★ Social Media ★. Significant YouTube network: Instagram: Fb: Twitter: ★ Music In Video ★. KV – Life. KV – Manner

On this video clip I unpack, PAR check and also heat examine the Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Develop Gentle. What do you consider this cost variety LED create moderate as well as these PAR dimensions? Allow me understand within the comments component below.

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  1. Just ordered mine today.

    It’s been two months of using my new light, and I absolutely love everything about it. It’s just that you can only grow maybe two decent size plants under this light. The footprint is maybe 2’ by 4’

    1. Honestly i think this light is better suited for a 2×3 because those corners are not getting enough light, and the light fixture is too short. Maybe if the middle was separated further it would be better.

  2. Thanks for this discount code I received 15 dollars off ! I’m going to get some stuff at the dispensary with the money you saved me!

    1. imo, for such a small tent sf-1000 would be more than enough…
      maybe you should start from there, and if you later purchase larger tent then you can upgrade and add another one, either sf-1000 or sf-2000. the nice thing is that these units can be chain connected.

  3. I run this light in a 3ft by 4 ft and my first yield was about 12 ounces of dense buds. Very impressed

    1. Nice. I just began my first grow, autoflowers about 2 weeks in. I’m in a 2×4. I’m excited. Did you do photos and how many weeks total grow time was it?

    2. @robert felts yea I did photos, 9 weeks bloom and about 4 weeks veg so about 3 months total. Started with clones i got from a local dispensary

    3. Wow man, I thought it would be so much longer. If I’m hearing correctly, a mother plant I take clones from and get the clones ready to move to a veg/flower tent then I only need 3 months in the veg/flower tent?

      That’s worth it for me, if that’s how it is I’m sold. I was doing autos im a 2×4 and hoping to get 9 ounces in 3 months after a few grows. 3 ounces a month is my goal where I’m totally happy and content, and I don’t care if it is photos or autos or if a fairy godmother leaves it under my pillow.

      I need 36 ounces a year under what ever system I’m doing. That is enough for me to be good and for me to take care of others around me

  4. Bro I grow in my shed and I’m having problems with cold temperature. Im looking to by led grow light, with hight heat temperature, can you suggest any please ?

  5. They changed the light layout on the new sf 2000 lights. The lights are more concentrated on the outer corners.

  6. Will height matter if you have the optimal ppfd range? My grow tent is getting to hot and was thinking of lowering the dimmer and height to cool up my tent .

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