I am assessing this portable create light from Spider Farmer – and also the initial specifications drop correct right into my “sweet place” for a light: portable, fairly low-cost, rounded 100 watts of power, complete range, awesome working as well as also water-proof. This is a link to the item: https://amzn.to/2JKlq1w The advancement is each simple as well as efficiently created. Many thanks kindly to the manufacturer for using the item for examine. Ought to you uncover these films valuable, there are a number of little problems you have the ability to do to help me out: Have a look at our Amazon shop: https://www.amazon.com/store/fraservalleyrosefarm Abide by our ranch on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fraservalleyrosefarm Like us on Fb: https://www.fb.com/FraserValleyRoseFarm Or greater yet, sign up for this Youtube network: https://www.youtube.com/c/FraserValleyRoseFarm?sub_confirmation=1 And also for a place to enjoy arbitrary yard anarchy: https://www.fb.com/teams/unrulyrosesociety/

I am assessing this portable create light from Spider Farmer – as well as the initial specifications drop appropriate right into my “sweet area” for a light: small, fairly economical, rounded 100 watts of power, complete range, trendy working and also water-proof. The growth is each very easy as well as properly made. Many thanks kindly to the manufacturer for providing the item for review.

22 Replies to “Crawler Farmer SF1000 LED Grow Light Review”

  1. Thanks for all the info love your content….appreciate all the time you put Into your videos and sharing your knowledge …stay safe ,happy,and healthy

  2. I’m sure they pick the best colour leds to grow seedlings but I thought 6500k not 3500k was white full spectrum light

    1. When looking at LED grow lights, it’s meant to distinguish those lamps that produce light all through the visual range, from those that produce light with single narrow spectrum LED’s (often violet/blue + red = blurple). But it’s a bit of a poorly defined marketing term, because, as you point out, it can be applied to lights with widely differing spectral distribution. At 6500k, you’ll have a much “whiter” looking light for sure.

    1. Fraser Valley Rose Farm they looked very bright for battery puck lights. Thanks for the prompt reply.

  3. My sister LEFT My seedlings out last night they were drowned in water bc we had tornado warnings but NOT BELOW 30′
    Do u think they will survive?
    Omg im trying NOT 2 CHOKE HER OUT

    1. Well, seedlings are easier to replace than sisters… I think it may depend on the varieties a bit. Peppers wont like near freezing temps. Too much water they can usually recover from.

  4. Hi Jason hope everyone’s doing ok, we’ve had a tragedy as Dave Rink, out Vice President (Syracuse Rose Society) has passed away from coronavirus. I am in shock, he was a very bright personality and there are many members I would have expected maybe, that might happen to them, because they are 90 years old or such. He is going to be impossible to fill his shoes and I have no idea how the club is going to recover. Just praying this stops spreading soon.

    1. What a shame, and I’m so sorry to hear it. So much of our community is vulnerable – and I’ll join your prayer that it comes under control soon. Take care!

  5. Hi Jason! I’m starting up a very small nursery and have really been learning a lot from your videos. I typically start my seedlings indoors on 4′ long racks. With my setup, I can’t move the lights very far from my plants so I’m worried about heat and burning if they get too close. Do you have a favorite grow light for racks?

    1. Hi Sam. Thanks for watching. At 4′ long, a fluorescent fixture (either with fluorescent tubes or the LED replacement tubes) seems a natural fit if you don’t have much clearance. The LEDs in particular are a low-heat option.

    2. @Fraser Valley Rose Farm Thanks! I have one low heat LED fixture I got from Amazon that’s been okay so far, plus some old T8s that I really need to replace with T5s. I’m very jealous by how lush the plants looked in your other video on grow lights (the showdown video). Do you think I’d see a huge difference between T8s and T5s?

  6. Are those grow lights under the shelves behind you? Very clever if they are. I love your channel. I have learned so much practical advice. I love that you use natural methods like alfalfa pellets instead of factory produced chemical fertilizers. They have their place, but it’s nice to know how farmers from pre-industrialized times fed their plants.

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