Spider Farmer low cost code “MIGRO” when trying out: SF2000 develop equipment: https://spider-farmer.com/merchandise/new-sf2000-led-grow-light-2×4-grow-tent-kits USA(worldwide): https://spider-farmer.com Canada: https://spiderfarmer.ca Europe: https://spiderfarmer.eu UK: https://spiderfarmer.co.uk Australia: https://spiderfarmer.com.au I’ve setup and examined the Spider Farmer SF2000 develop equipment which incorporates: SF2000 – 200 watt LED develop mild Develop tent 4ft x 2ft (120cm x 60cm) 4 inch variable velocity inline extraction fan 4 inch activated carbon filter About 20ft or 6m of 4″ ducting A plug timer, atmosphere meter, scrog web and hanging ratchets The SF2000 develop mild is an environment friendly and full spectrum fixture which delivers a median PAR of 579 µmols to the plant cover and consumes 210watts. This can be a system effectivity of 1.99 usable PPF/watt. The tent is nice high quality with double stitching on the seams, robust cloth & zips and extremely reflective mylar lining. The fan is a variable velocity fan which runs quiet on the decrease speeds and combines properly with an environment friendly carbon filter. General this can be a good starter bundle which has all the things you’ll want to begin your individual private develop. #spiderfarmer #migrolight #ledgrowlight Store MIGRO ARAY (international delivery): https://migrolight.com/collections/aray Our Amazon US retailer (Free US delivery): https://www.amazon.com/shops/MIGROLIGHT/MIGROLIGHT/web page/4BDC0968-9E70-42AE-98AC-B8EF62D40995 Bulk orders: Contact us at [email protected] for a citation Observe us: Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/migrolight/ Fb: https://www.fb.com/MIGROLIGHT/ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@migrolight

15 Replies to “Spider Farmer SF2000 grow kit test and review”

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  2. U want more air pulling out of tent then going into tent to create negative pressure so all air has to go thru the filter n fan or that’s how I handle smell

  3. My fan lasted less than 3 months. Became noisy after a month and now is unsafe and squeeling etc. Worst fan ive seen no lie.

  4. Too bad Spider Farmer does not stand behind their products by honoring their warranty and they never ever reply when you have a issue. SO BUYER BEWARE, SPIDER FARMER WILL ABANDON YOU AFTER COLLECTING YOUR MONEY 💰.

  5. Spiderfarmer do not use quality parts in their new range they swapped them all for unbranded and didn’t tell anyone. Its a cash grab

  6. Shane you really shouldn’t be sniff Fly killer. You can test the filter system with incense sticks 👌

  7. Thank you for the review. I have been looking around and this Spider Farmer kit seems to offer the best for the money spent. I am a newbie and want to make my first grow as easy as possible. Your channel is really going to help!

  8. They give YouTubers free lights to try but I got one and it had a short they made me take a crap tone of videos to prove it then tryed to make me talk to there fixer guy to fix the problem all my grow didn’t make it and I had to go through Amazon to finally get my money back spider farm never again I’ll give my money to Mars hydro

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