Purchase the Spider Farmer SF4000: https://bit.ly/3lbfFdi Purchase the Spider Farmer SF2000: https://bit.ly/3q3hFbc Store all LED create lights: https://bit.ly/3fDV5kX Be taught added about LED create lights right here: https://bit.ly/39gEsub –. On this video clip, Sam is unboxing and also reviewing the 2020 as much as date model of the Spider Farmer SF4000 LED Develop Gentle. This mild presents one of the most reliable worth for cash for company as well as leisure activity growers alike. –. We supply bulk/business reductions. Get in call with a Growbuds rep. E mail: [email protected]. Telephone: 1-877 368-7099. –. Principal Unboxing Provide: Samuel Belanger (@sagemuel). Production and video enhancing: Jean-Christophe Fortin (@tochfortin). –. Observe us right below:. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wegrowbuds/. Fb: https://www.fb.com/wegrowbuds. WeedTube: https://www.weedtube.com/consumer/wegrowbuds. Twitter: https://twitter.com/wegrowbuds. –. Many thanks for seeing this video clip.

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Purchase the Spider Farmer SF4000: https://bit.ly/3lbfFdi
Observe us right here:.
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15 Replies to “Crawler Farmer SF4000 LED Grow Light Unboxing & Review|Fines…”

  1. I know it is for 4X4 but I use 2 viparspectra light’s on the outside with the SF 4000 in the middle.GREAT LIGHT

  2. Iโ€™m going to slam this sucker in a 3×3!!!! Should be plenty of light ๐Ÿ’ก for a serious screen full of density. Shit this will fit in a 3×3 right?

  3. dont buy this light i got one two weeks ago 3 screws are missing from the driver its made marks in the top save ur money buy something that the people take pride in what they do im very unhappy

  4. Not really budget friendly these SF 4000 lights run about 600$ thats not budget friendly at all thats someone’s rent money

  5. Been growing since the 90s & was always anti LED ( had Gavita se600s & loved them) but bought my first LED that was the SF2000- I then bought the 4000 ( which I put in a 120×120) then they bought out these with dimmers – I must say its only uses for flower but it’s saved me nearly what it cost in lamps over these 2 years – best light ive ever bought even now its old tech im still happy with it what 27 months later

  6. Buy 4 of their 1000 units and then youโ€™ll have every model they sale ,,,I did that with Famurs ,, I bought four of their TF1200 led lights ,,,,,and look at the specs when you buy two units now it uses 200 plus watts then but the 3000 model now youโ€™ll have three of their units using 300 plus wattage ,,,then the 4000 four units put together now using 400 plus watts,,,
    So do yourself a favor wait till their 1000 -1200 units go on sale for half price and buy four 1000-1200 or even a 1500
    But I believe everyone is done with making the 1500 itโ€™s either a 1000 or 1200 watt light using 90-150 watts

  7. Look yeah itโ€™s a huge light ,,,,but you can get better results by four of their 1000 lights and evenly spacing them in a 4×4 tent ,,

  8. For better coverage you could basically just cut that thing into four pieces, make a frame and screw the panels to it and rewire the thing.

  9. Till now I only have bad experiences with Spider Farmer, their prices constantly change and customer service doesn’t even know their own prices. They seem a very unreliable company so far. I am scared to buy their products. If anything goes wrong I have to deal with their customer service?

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