Beginning Invisalign – the important things they do not inform you My very first video clip on my Invisalign therapy! I’ll maintain you upgraded on what it’s like having Invisalign as well as the disadvantages as well as pros. Instagram: Twitter: Periscope:

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  1. I just got my attachments on a couple days ago. The attachments feel like rocks on my teeth. I am not filing them.

  2. DO NOT TAKE OUT YOU INVISALIGNS FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN EATING! May I exaggerated but try not to take them out for any other reason. You need them in for at least 22 hours a day.

  3. Glad you mentioned the filing down the teeth… that has put me off. My teeth are tiny as is… couldn’t imagine getting them filed down. I only have one tooth that is crowded, think I’ll just deal with it. It is a bottom tooth anyway.

  4. 1. Yeah, taking them out is a mess. Be at a sink to clean em up.
    2. Yeah, you gotta take them out for EVERY meal or snack AND brush, floss EVERY time… Your teeth and the brace. Also get those retainer tablets to leave them in when you’re eating. Thank me later.
    3. You get a bit of a lisp.
    4. They wanted to file my teeth too, I refused. I’d rather wear them a few months more considering the weakening of the enamel.
    5. MY BIGGEST COMPLAINT… And I might just be unlucky. Is the razor sharp edges on my braces. Maybe the 3D printer wasn’t fine tuned well. Maybe it’s part of the deal… But my god does it hurt when they slice up your gums, cheeks and tongue. I had to resort to using fine hobby files and hobby scalpel knives to trim off all the sharp bits. Generally costs me about 2-3 hours of trial and error per set… They really gotta step up the 3d print/comfort quality.

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