You might need heard that “that you must rank on the primary web page of Etsy”, with all the ideas and methods movies on website positioning, that not works. On this video I’ll present you the way Etsy sells your merchandise with out rating.

I’ll clarify how that you must place your self on Etsy that may make you sustainably profitable in the marketplace place. If you wish to go to my etsy retailer go to and search “TagPup” If you wish to order your self a canine collar go to

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    1. At the end of the video I did give a brief example, one way is to look at what they’re favoring, to look at the photo examples in the review section (this will give you a little bit of a context), other ways our third-party applications like Instagram, if your customers are posting your product, look at the type of customers that you are selling to

  1. Hello sir should we create new listing or edit order one which not performing best
    I have doubt I created older listing in past and now understand your learning how to use tags and all, but I am afraid if I edited my older one maybe it already dead and my listing not perform
    Please answer me I think there is not anything like dead listing right?

    1. I would be very careful of changing anything in listings that are doing well, I would maybe change the ones that are not selling, or yes make a new one

    2. @TalkShop thanks sir 🙂 for your response i follow your every step to grow etsy lat week i stated my shop
      I am portrait artist from india just want some order from etsy
      I love your videos because your doing and on etsy and then teach people, most people only teach and even they don’t have etsy shop they are just trying to sell courses

      So at the end thankyou so much sir i will follow you to grow 🤍

  2. thanks for the video, i saw that you printed couple patterns on fabric, we make wristlet with faux leather as well, but currently we cut it by hand, just wonder what machine or tool you cut the strip off from the roll fabric.

    1. Are use a vertical knife fabric cutter to cut directly on a roll, that way it gives me long continuous strips of fabric. You can see more on my TikTok @mytalkshop it’s a Jerry rig system, but it works for me, I’m not sure if it will work for leather

  3. I am selling on etsy for 5-6years, damn The old days were so easy to make a lot of money and rank listings in 1st page and generate a lot of sales and traffic! I remember the times where you could place your cost per click on Ads, you could rank any listings like in a week at the first page! Damn, I miss those days! And very good content bro! You are one of the most valuable channels in youtube for etsy sellers! 👍

  4. I want to ask you something. My store is focused mainly on crochet products. I will add 2 new categories. One is peter pan collars ,the other one is crochet jewellery like crochet earrings with beads. Should I add new category ( section) in my existing store or should I open a new store for peter pan collars and another store for crochet jewellery? When you open different categories even if they have the same concept like crocheting, consumers may think that the store is trying to sell anything. May be separating different categories via the stores consolidates the brand image in the minds of consumer. I do not know. If you can give me articles on this issue and your opinion of course that would enlighten me.

    1. Hi thanks for the engagement! Now I’m not too sure what kind of collars you mean, like dog collars? But usually if the same customer would be interested in another product, like if they some what relate. Because that will have customer more likly to favors your shop and spend more time looking through other products, thus making Etsy believe that that customer is in to your stuff. But if it’s a whole other thing like dog collars and jewelry, then ya I would do different stores, I would just make sure that they are not a 1 or 2 product stores.

    2. @TalkShop My concern is actually looking like a retail store. I am not. We are small team like 3 crochet lovers. When we wanted a critique for the store in etsy forum, someone though that we are not actually crocheting rather hiring. We created models for 2 years. They were for manufacturers actually. Looking so professional may not be a good idea. I do not know. If there are lots of sections, would that be a negative effect I wonder. We crochet bookmarks for instance. Towels that have crochets. Crochet cases. If I add jewellery ( but with crochet concept also crochet and beads hybrid models but not pure bead design) the consumer may think…Who are you to create to dare? They may say decide who you are. You cannot create or design in many categories and expect that they are good or they are the best you can offer…but we do. They may want to buy from a store that is more focused on one category. I do not know. If consumers believes that the store is not concentrating one product line then the store is kind of fishing for different markets or not concentrating to develop that category. Even if our models are handmade, the image will be like retail store that has a missing handmade spirit or something.

    3. peter pan collars are ladies collars that they attach or fold around their blouse collar. Definitely NOT a dog collar, lol!
      And since she is selling crocheted items of just two kinds, staying in the same shop is fine; Try to promote the collars as jewelry, especially since the wearer is using to collar to fancy up a plain blouse, like you would with metal jewelry.

    4. ​ @ecouture handmades Thank you for clarifying that. I forgot to define peter pan collars that are not products for dogs for sure. However, the etsy category I will choose is Accessory / Scarves & Wraps / Colllars & Bibs . This is better, more suitable. Putting peter pan collars under jewelery could be misleading in terms of their function. I do not know.

  5. sorry for the dumb question but i don’t get it. will etsy show someone who is interested in wedding stuff, the wedding related items in my store first or will etsy favour entire shops who are selling only wedding related stuff? like say i’m selling 100 t-shirt designs. 5 of them are wedding related. another store sells 100 t-shirt designs and all of them are wedding related. will my 5 shirts only show up after the other stores 100 wedding shirts or is the algorythm focusing on individual items? (sorry for my bad english)

    1. Not a dumb question at all. Your listing act separately, meaning if they convert well with a certain type of people then Etsy will recommend that product. However if your store is crawled by a type of people and they tend to favor the overall store then Etsy will sprinkle those customers with your product (but it’s mostly if your a niche store). That’s the benefit of a niche store

  6. Thank you for sharing on this topic as recently I have noticed that the traffic from my shop has been more from Etsy app & other Etsy pages rather than Etsy search.

    1. Yes, and that’s because Etsy has a better understanding of what kind of products you will need and then what you’re able to search for.

  7. I hadn’t really thought about until this video but it really all goes back to what I’ve learned about marketing so far…”picture your ideal customer” and then try to think about how they would search for the item. As long as you have a clear picture of who your customer is and can put yourself in their shoes, you should be ok

    1. Exactly, if our newsfeed in our Instagram or YouTube, is tailored to our interest not even who we follow, it works the same way with product

  8. Thanks for the great tips but how to get your first sale/review even though you don’t have an audience or you don’t know nothing about Etsy SEO?

  9. Hi Bro, I need a suggestion regarding price strategy for handwritten study notes (digital download). I hv started my shop one month ago and get only 1 sell yet, As a beginner, how much price i should quote for increase selling, Low price or High price? As an example if i am selling 25 pages of science notes pdf, then how much price i should quote for selling? Plz suggest me

    1. I’m not too familiar with the product and it’s pricing, but the general rule of thumb, and look at your competitors. do you want to start off in the middle, if there is more bang for your buck than your competitors and your price deserves higher, make sure that it’s clear to your customers from the thumbnail. If you opened up your shop a month ago, I wouldn’t worry too much about getting sales. If you have proper keyword researching strategy, your goal should be to reach 300 listings before you should concern yourself with sales.

  10. I have a few listings that fit into the category for spring, summer, fall, and winter, can I copy the listing under four different seasons, so I don’t have to keep changing my tags? I tried using All seasons but noticed a lot more sales when switching it from summer to fall, for example. I hope this makes sense.

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