Do Scrum Masters have to be technical? A popular question that often leads to lots of disagreements and debate. I believe a Scrum Master role is a non-technical one. BUT – there is a nuance here. For all the developers who are already writing a long angry paragraph in the comments telling me how wrong I am and that Scrum Master is a useless role, actually watch the video first.

Thanks! Watch the video to find out what technical skills and knowledge a Scrum Master needs to be able to work with technical teams and coach them to become more effective. In this video I talked about: 0:00 Start 02:05 ✅ What is the primary aspect of change management Scrum Masters do 02:49 ✅ Why having a development background might actually hurt you 03:42 ✅ What technical knowledge Scrum Master needs 09:19 ✅ What aspects of that technical terminology are important 10:34 ✅ How to learn that technical stuff if you are not technical and more! ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ Resources mentioned: 📕 Scrum Master Startup Guide: ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ 📩 Subscribe to my newsletter to get updates on new stuff and special offers: 📚 BUY the essential Scrum Master tools: ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ✨ MY FAVORITE TOOLS ✨ ⚪ My digital notepad: – I use it to take ALL my notes ⚪ My electric standing desk: – really helps me stay healthier and reduce back pain ⚪ My camera: ⚪ My microphone: ⚪ My lights: ⚪ My second camera alternative: ⚪ Monitor stands: ⚪ Light mounts: ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ☕ Support me – buy me a coffee: 👋 Follow me and ScrumMastered on social media: LinkedIn: LinkedIn Company: Quora: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: 📖 Check out MORE COOL THINGS at ✅ SUBSCRIBE to this YouTube channel: ❗ DISCLAIMER If you are using my affiliate links I will make a small commission on the sales made. This has no additional cost to you.

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  1. I tried to schedule to see you so many times but for some reason it never worked out for me. So I was wandering what next?

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