Store MIGRO ARAY (world transport): Our Amazon US retailer (Free US transport): page/4BDC0968-9E70-42AE-98AC-B8EF62D40995 Bulk orders: Contact us at [email protected] for a citation Purchase right here: page/3B235448-A44C-42B2-900A-93951254C421?ingress=2&visitId=39f53283-c280-4def-a5be-aad9f5281032&ref_=ast_bln The IMV Honest BC100W LED develop mild is quite a lot of develop mild for the cash. The $69 worth for precise 110 Watts of LED develop mild with Samsung LEDs and dimmable LED driver is outstanding. Comply with us: Instagram: Fb: TikTok:

18 Replies to “The best budget grow light on Amazon US? Sincere BC100W LED grow light test and review”

  1. I just bought a Linqool 240w light that seems really nice for the 130 dollar price. You should test that one

  2. Stop testing crap. We trust your word and dislike being mislead. Don’t support Amazon they are thieves and fraudsters

  3. Hi Shane great video of a new product, would it be consistent with all the lights as a lot of cheap ones produce different results.

  4. what would be the best budget grow lights for an AC Infinity 10×10 grow tent for full coverage

  5. did you ever test the grownorthern hs-1 or the crazyledz holographic series 1 also sold as grownorthern hs-1 ?

  6. Ho Shane, why don’t you cut out a slot at the bottom of your refelctive wall setup this will alow you to take readings with all 4 mylar faces closed.

  7. Shane can you take a look at mixjoy gl1000.
    It share same concept as spiderfarm or so they say but less than 60

  8. What do you think about the AC Infinity, vivosun, ennoking, side king, grow light Bp, ZHT, FLSNT, AGLEX, E.t.c Are these lights of good quality? They are often cheaper than Mars Hydro and offer Samsung LM301B LEDs

  9. Is there a learning curve using leds? I have over a decade exp using traditional hps/mh growing. I stopped when rec was legalized in 2012. Back then leds we’re junk and couldn’t yield even close to hps. Anything I need to know about these before I buy a few of them? I used to use xxxl sun systems, will this be a good direct replacement? Thanks

    1. Hi,

      There will be some adjustments needed when using led light, mainly less heat generated compared to using HPS.


  10. Try the “Fecida Cr600” 130watt light on Amazon there Awesome. I use ( 2 ) in my 4×2 grow tent and there Amazing!

  11. Why not test COB CBX, CMA LEDs? It would be interesting to know your opinion and the performance of this type of LED

  12. Any chance you could do a CrxSunny xp1000 review? They’re very cheap but are the only ones using both IR and UV diodes. None of the more expensive lights have UV

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