We tried England’s Craziest Paintballing Game… and it was absolutely insane lol CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING IF YOU ENJOY! We’re close to 4 million… HOW?!

Mates – @Wilbur Soot @Ph1LzA @Tubbo Edited by Tom & Elodie (@elodiegif on twitter) Special thanks to @Wilbur Soot for helping so much with the filming & stuff on this one! Follow my Twitter – @tomsimons Follow my Instagram – @tommyinnitt

15 Replies to “The Funniest Paintballing Video Ever”

  1. “No wives in hell Phil”
    Yeah you’d know about that wouldn’t you Will? Tommy visited you not Sally

  2. Wil said: “Tubbo is just going to think this is Fortnite”
    Tubbo on the other side of the field: “The storm is coming and I don’t have any mats left”
    Wil knows tubbo way too well

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