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22 Replies to “The Latest Way To Get Super Fast Broadband: Internet Speed Explained!”

  1. Symmetrical speeds your upload should be the same as your downloads. I’m uk and get 3gb/s down and up night and day.

  2. and here i am in Austrias 2nd largest city with 8Mbit/s over DSL. I started a petition, now an ISP wants to do fiber, but right now we are at only 12% of households that want it, but the ISP wants 40%. I will never get faster internet.

  3. FTTP still goes to the cabinet and then to your property. If you want actual direct to the premises, this would be a leased line which by passes the cabinet and is uncontended. Also if you want symmetrical upload and download speeds.

  4. ITS NOT EFFERNET its ETHER-NET!!!!! @ 04:35 you should have the wifi bands merged together and let the device seamlessly choose the best signal strength.

  5. The company I work for supply up to 10Gig to the property symmetrical. Full dedicated fibre from property all the way to our cabinets and then fibre again frok cab to Internet

  6. Virgin gig1 service in my house is awful! Packet loss central for gaming. Had to cancel twice over few yrs and go back to sky at 50mb. ‘Over utilisation’ for 6 years now! With them lies saying fix dates that don’t exist. Is there any way I can get fast Internet without having to go virgin or bt infrastructure? Like wireless or something?

  7. i’ve had virgin media m100 since about 2017 which is 100mbps download and around 10mbps upload, few days ago upgraded to m200 which doubles download and upload should be good enough for a few years

  8. i used wifi 5 on 2.4ghz with my Huawei B535-222 4g modem and 2.4 woulg give me 120mbps down and 5.8ghz would give only 70-85 close to it

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