We review in detail the ultimate 4×4 Mercedes-Benz-based expedition campervan – the Rebellion – from specialist British converter, RP Motorhomes, which is fully loaded with almost every extra you can think of…including a washing machine! To learn more about RP Motorhomes and order your Rebellion just head to: www.rpmotorhomes.com

24 Replies to “The ultimate fully equipped 4×4 expedition campervan – the Rebellion – from RP Motorhomes”

    Yet more ridiculous claims pitching the sale of a product.
    Far too low to the ground and long in the wheelbase to be able to, as described, Go Anywhere other than the beach or muddy LEVEL road, attempting to go over rocky ground or a divet would severely damage the underneath of the van. Stupid waste of money having to pay for a self-opening side door, that could also fail thereby not allowing access to the interior. Pointless to have so much spare gas yet have a completely different heating arrangement. No insect screens thereby making the rear door and window redundant. Gaps remaining in the side awning also allow insects in. What a JOKE describing the supreme comfort ( and ease of use by not having to put away and assemble EVERYDAY ) of a fixed bed as being STUCK with a fixed bed layout. A small rear table that has no way of accommodating visitors, is the only way of using the spare rear seating. Underfloor air conditioning to suck in the dust. No bedside storage and charging system for the likes of cell phones or laptops. Despite the exorbitant purchase cost, installed is one of the cheapest, nastiest smelliest toilets on the market. The list of build fails is endless.

  2. Not good , to long and is to high , the Hydraulik is Not good for Kilogramm und Elektronik Not gut for the Hghway or Maunten !

  3. Nice , but i feel a pop top double bed would be a better choice to allow more room !! and this allows the dinning social area to remain set up

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