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14 Replies to “This Is Why Universal Life Insurance Is CRAP!”

  1. I feel like we’ve been beating this horse to death for at least the 20+ years I’ve been listening to Dave. Also it’s clear agents follow Dave for their moment to pounce.

  2. As any true insurance professional would advice. There are some insurance products that are good for some but obviously not for everyone. Obvious it is wise to always do your homework before purchasing anything. Since people all have different situations there is alot to consider. Insurance agents with integrity are worth seeking out. They can add value to ones situation when placed in the correct insurance product.

  3. Stay away from any “Advisor” who says always and never when it comes to financial tools. Usually the problem they have with them is either they, nor their sponsors offer those products. Dave Ramsey is case in point.
    All tools are useful in some situations but none are useful in all situations.
    The “stay away from these twisted people” is the only safe “always” when it comes to finance.

    Their explanation, here exhibits their simpleton knowledge of these products.
    How did you build your big headquarters in Franklin, TN Dave? If we should hate other companies for this, why not you?

    So dumb.

  4. I actually agreed with this until they started talking about whole life and universal life like they are the same product, which is a very common mistake with people that trash whole life. While whole life and Universal life policy’s are both “permanent” insurance, they are completely different. Dave actually explains Universal life pretty well with his two different components concept.

  5. With inflation currently at about 10%, my primary concern is how to grow my reserve of 240k$ which has been in sitting duck since forever with zero to no gains, sure I’m all in on the long term game, but with my savings are lying waste to inflation and my portfolio losing gains every day, I need a remedy asap

    1. There are loads of ways to make a killing right now, but such high volume near impeccable trades can only be carried out by real time experts

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