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28 Replies to “This ORAL HYGIENE regimen is what you require for best, WHIT…”

    1. Hi Zainab, sorry you had a bad experience. In our experience it worked wonderfully… don’t forget to brush with a normal toothpaste after you have used the turmeric!
      -Team Glamrs

  1. Oral hygiene 🤘

    1. Oil pulling
    Oil can be used : Coconut oil or Sesame oil or Olive oil
    How to do : Swish for 10-15 minutes then spit it out
    When to do : Either in the morning before eating or before dinner
    Frequency : Once in a day
    Amount : 1 Tablespoon of oil is enough
    End activity : Warm salt water gargling to pull out remaining oil
    2. Brushing & flossing
    3. Tongue cleaning
    4. Mouthwash
    5. Whitening : Haldi
    6. Avoid stains
    7. Regular checkups

    1. Hi, we always try our remedies/hacks/DIYs before we make a video and only when they have worked effectively do we share them. Hope they work just as effectively for you 🙂
      -Team Glamrs

  2. I had a serious bad breath problem since i was a teenager. Sometime ago i made a bad comment to my spouse and his reply to me was “it not me that smell it is your mouth, I almost died and gone to hell with embarrassment,I ask my mother and she said as far as she can remember my breath i had bad breath, until i came across “dr aloma” on YouTube who help me out and took me of my shame am very happy today that i was cured of this horrible breath

    1. Hey there, here are a few top toothpastes
      Colgate Total.
      Crest Pro-Health.
      Sensodyne ProNamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste.
      – Team Glamrs

  3. Never spit the oil into your toilet – it will congeal and block your pipes. Always spit oil into a tissue and dispose in the bin.

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