Read our full review of the Three 5G Hub: In this video, we’ve unboxed and reviewed the Three 5G Hub, also known as the ZTE MC801A 5G router. We’ve shown what the router looks like out of the box, how to set it up, what speeds you can expect, and tested how it performs when online gaming. In our full review, we gave Three Home Broadband 4.3 out of 5, based on its speeds, WiFi signal, ease of use, and value for money. 0:00 Unboxing 3:19 Powering on the router 3:57 Connecting to Wi-Fi 4:17 Speed tests 5:45 Gaming tests 6:21 Conclusion About us At Broadband Savvy, we help everyday British households get the most from their home broadband. Whether you’re looking to troubleshoot WiFi dropouts, are struggling with slow download speeds, or just want a better broadband deal, we’ve got you covered. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter:

31 Replies to “Three 5G Hub Unboxing, Speed Test, & Review – 2Gbps 5G Home Broadband?”

  1. I am about to get one and I saw there are antenna ports, does it make it faster if I buy an antenna for it?

    1. In some circumstances using antennas can make the signal more consistent or slightly faster. It depends on whether there’s anything blocking the 5G signal from reaching the router – sometimes an antenna can help to overcome this.

    1. It’s pretty good, quite similar to what you’d expect from a typical consumer router that you’d get with a home broadband plan.

  2. So is this thing any good for playing ps4 games online?
    Can I replace this with my existing sky fibre broadband?

    1. We’d recommend moving the router somewhere else, if possible. Failing that, try and contact Three to get help.

  3. be better to stick to 5g cpe pro 2…. ZTE MC801A 5G are crap got 1 bar on 5g. my old router full 5g @ down 600mbs up 60mbs

  4. Hii,
    Do you have to pay a separate plan for the SIM? It says £10 for 250MBPS which is a bargain compared to Virgin Media, who provides 100mbps for like £30/month.
    Do you recommend it against Virgin Media? :/ They keep on hitting me with offers and they went down to £25 but I’m not sure if it’s worth it when such a thing is available.

    1. The SIM card is included with the complete package. Whether or not it’ll be better than Virgin Media depends on the exact signal where you live, so it’s worth trying the 5G Hub in our opinion, because you can always return it within 14 days. Also Virgin’s latency will be a bit lower, but this only matters if you’re playing competitive, ping-sensitive online games.

    2. @Broadband Savvy Yeah and I mostly play Fortnite and I stay at about 15/20 ping, do you think that’ll effect my gameplay very badly? I still get very bad packet loss as I play splitscreen… My property is in a red-spot in their website so I guess I’ll get good signals, but it ends up being over an average of £28/month + 12GB SIM, and I could maybe talk to Virgin and manage a deal, but do you think that price’s good value?

    3. @DoMoreNew I’m assuming that price is what you’re paying with Virgin. It’s actually a bit cheaper than we’d expect, Virgin Media is often quite expensive. You’ll pay a lot less with the 5G Hub, so it’s worth trying in our opinion, especially given Three’s customer service is typically better than Virgin Media’s. We found that the 5G Hub was pretty good for gaming, but our ping wasn’t as low as what you’re getting at the moment (typically around 40-50ms).

    4. @Broadband Savvy Yeah you’re right…
      But then should I get the Volt Fibre Broadband + Phone from Virgin for +£2 a month with a 10gb O2 sim and 3 months’ Extras (Disney Plus etc) and 3 Wifi Pods now that it has got Volt in it? I think it’s good but I think that things could be cheaper than £30 although it looks like it’s a good price

    5. @DoMoreNew It depends how much you value those bonuses – do you have a specific use for the SIM, would it be enough for your phone’s monthly data usage for example? If so, and you value having a 10-20ms or lower ping, it’s probably best to stick with Virgin, as long as their customer service has been good for you, as we’ve heard of a lot of customers having issues with this in the last year or so.

  5. I have a question, the website saying its not available on my area but how is that so if its connected through the satellites? Or could I simply buy an EE sim for it as a plan b?

    1. This device uses 5G, not satellite technology. It means there is no Three 5G coverage in your area. EE sells a similar router on their website, although it’s more expensive, so you could try and see if you get coverage with them.

    2. @Broadband Savvy Thanks, I have 5G signal with three on my phone most of the time where I live which is why I find it strange that it’s saying it won’t work, I can only assume that’s because you need a strong and constant 5G signal, also assuming the three hub would be locked to three sim cards only. I did look at EE but they want £50 a month, crazy!

  6. Hi plz cud u get bk to me on this comment. I wud like to know if this will ok with connecting and working well with xbox series s, I see t at the end that u say u have connected it to a pc and are able to play games so it shud work that way for consoles. Plz cud u give me some feed bk cuz I really want to get an xbox but I only have 5g broadband and if it’s not going to work console then I really don’t won’t to waste money buying a console

    1. It should be good. We would recommend testing with a different console or PC before buying to get a good idea of what your ping will be, however.

  7. This was exactly the video I needed, going to be moving into gf’s mothers house for a bit until we get our own place but the mother is locked into a broadband that only gives them 15 Mbps, it’s shocking. I need good internet for my Xbox so I wanted to set one of these up upstairs as they have good 5G there. When I tested the 5G in the area it was 391 Mbps at the time of testing. So in theory this should work perfectly.

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