Need help to find the best appointment booking plugins for wordpress? In this video i breakdown some of my favorite booking plugins for wordpress. These plugins dont come in any order, i think all of these booking plugins are pretty good General Booking Plugins Booknetic: Amelia Bookly: Latepoint: Booked: Hotel, Airbnb, or Rental Booking Vikbooking: Nuss Theme: Car Rentals Booking VikRental: Motors Theme: Thats my list of the best booking plugins and themes for wordpress. I have tested and purchased each of these plugins and tested them to make sure they meet up to my standards so i really do hope you guys enjoy this list. Checkout my other Multilingual WordPress Tutorial Youtube Channels! Spanish Channel: Arabic Channel: Portuguese Channel: French Channel: German Channel: Feel free to visit my website:

22 Replies to “Top 10 Best Booking Plugins For WordPress (Appointment, Hotels, and Rentals)”

  1. I have a question.. WordPress costs $15 a month per website. So that means you have to pay $180 a year per website? I want to make them for friends/clients so they need to be without ads (WordPress Pro) Is there a way around this? $180 a year is quite alot…

  2. Hey Darrel ! I am your big fan and please create tutorial on how to make flight booking website in wordpress.

  3. Darrel you miss out JetBooking and JetAppointment by Crocoblock. Ability to reference custom post types with this plugins makes it powerful.

  4. Hi Darrel, I am learning web development and would like to make an air tickets booking site. Is it possible to make it with the help of WordPress and plug-ins. Which plug-in works best for such booking sites?
    Please do reply
    Thanks in advance

  5. Hi Darrel, I have a question. I’m new in the WordPress plugin. If I’m goin to buy that plugin, and I used it for my first client. Can I reuse it to other website for my future clients? Or do I have to buy it again?

    1. It really depends on the licensing, some plug-ins allow you to install it on unlimited websites on a yearly subscription and other ones like themeforest make you purchase at one time and you get lifetime access for only one domain. You just need to check the licensing for each plug-in

    2. @Darrel Wilson I didn’t expect your going to reply. Most of yTbers didn’t response. Thank you for that 😊 . I raised that question because I’m going to make a portfolio of my website to show case the clients. Like hotel booking, clinic appointment bookings etc. Maybe I’m going to use some free plugins for my portfolio. Thank you very much. Right now I’m watching your 6hrs cours with Web design business. And I’m already in the half of it. 😊😊😊

  6. Nice combination and recommendations. Thanks, Darrel.
    I also spoke about this topic on my blog.

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